3 days to go …


Only 3 days to go till Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.  I’m busy packing for a week.  I will be off to sisters-in-law house.  I’ll be making cakes for friends and family the next 2 days.  By Thursday, we’ll be busy cooking and preparing all the quihs and qakes and wha- nots at first sister-in-law’s house.

I made this layered cake last night.  It’s called kek lapis India; it’s layered with mini Cadbury chocolates.  I finished making this cake at 4:00 am this morning, just in time for sahur.

Kek Lapis India (layered with mini Cadbury chocolates

Kek Lapis India (layered with mini Cadbury chocolates)

Next, I will be making a few kek sarang semut (the popular honeycomb cake), chocolate moist cake topped with ganache and an orange cake.  I might make another 1 or 2 for our family.  Just might.

Well, it’ll be a busy three days from now onwards.  I’d like to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Maaf Zahir Batin.  Have fun and be safe …

Qawiyu Quihs and Qakes is official!


I had been sick for a week.  They say the body is adjusting to the environmental change.  I’ve terrible aches all over.  Towards the end, I get migraine every day 😦

Yes, it could be because I have moved to a new place and have stopped making breakfast for the morning crowd for almost 2 months.  Or has it been 2 months already?

Anyway, I was watching the morning show last Wednesday and there was this lady who announced an event is being held at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara the next day, 4th June 2015.  Well, that didn’t caught me until I heard that anyone who attends can easily register their online business by bringing only their MyKad.  Yes!  I’ve been wanting to register my business and I’ve been wanting to start something online.  This is it!  This is my OPPORTUNITY.  And, it’s so simple!

True enough when I got there, I discovered the event is called SSM ONE.  It was jointly organized by Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) and Kementerian Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat (KPWKM). I straight away registered my business “Quihs and Qakes”.  But the name wasn’t a go.  They said I need to add on a word or at least a letter in front to make it legit.  All because I changed the spelling for “Kuih” to “Quihs” and “Cakes” to “Qakes”.  Oh, I didn’t have the time to think so I thought let’s just put “ZZ” in front.  So the lady started processing and after 10 minutes, I thought “ZZ” doesn’t mean anything.  Then “Kawi” came to mind, then “Qawi”.  From there, I decided on “Qawiyu Quihs and Qakes” and it’s official 🙂

In between …


When I recently visited my blog, only have I realized that I’ve not been to it since more than 2 years ago.  That’s a very long time.  I’d been busy with kids and my little home business; making traditional kuihs and cakes.

At this moment, I’m at our new place, hubby’s place actually … unpacking, clearing, washing and tidying. It’s been almost a week since our move.  It’s a lot of hard and heavy work.  Soon, I have to start packing for my move back to Kuching with the kids.  I have a tight deadline.  Extending our time here wouldn’t be good for the boys as they’ll be missing quite a bit of school.

(*Watching TV*) Hey … Sarimah‘s on Bella.  It’s her second show and she’s talking about being pregnant.  She got married to Tunku Jamie early this month.

Anyway, I’ve got to get back to work … I’ll be back soon.

A failed hot air balloon?


Tune Talk attempted to inflate a custom hot air balloon at a huge community park in my neighbourhood.

At first, I heard a loud whirring sound.  I didn’t think much of it, but was curious though.  The sound carried on for some time.

Then, when I went out to hang the laundry, there I saw the source of the sound.  The park is quite a distance away.  It’s amazing that you could hear the hot air filling up the balloon from my house.




The balloon got higher and higher above the rooftops.  I could see that they were having problems inflating the balloon.  Whenever they stopped filling the balloon, the balloon goes down and deflates.  Then, they tried filling it up again and stopped.  Again, the balloon deflates.  Well, they gave it another try after that.

The next morning, they made a second attempt.  Still, the balloon failed to fly …

Come to think of it.  I wonder how much the balloon cost and that’s what went down the drain.  Hmm ..

First day of school


It’s now February and this post is way overdue.

I’m couldn’t believe that Zayed is now in Primary One.  Sigh … boy, is he growing fast.

Zayan is going the preschool in the same school.  He hasn’t got his custom uniform yet.  It arrived mid of January.


The cousins: Zayed, Zareeq, and Zayan; all going to the same school


Taking a time-out after running here and there, up and down …

Dinner at Bubba Gump


My hubby took us out for a special treat, a dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. at Sunway Pyramid.  It was our second visit to the restaurant, but the first visit was for lunch in Ramadhan, so only the 3 younger boys got to feast 🙂

This time mom, dad and big bro gets to taste the great food there 🙂

Ziyad and big bro, Zayan

Ziyad and Zayan



The twins and big bro, Zayed

The twins and big bro, Zayed

Zayan having a go at the activity sheet for kids

Zayan having a go at the activity sheet for kids

Aaaah ... Food has arrived

Aaaah … Food has arrived



Twins shared a burger and fries

Twins shared a burger and fries

Dad and Zayed

Dad and Zayed


Oh, this is the best dessert to close a lovely dinner :)

Oh, this is the best dessert to end a lovely dinner 🙂

This dessert has a huge chocolate chip cookie at the base of the pan, scoops of delicious vanilla ice-cream and topped off with butterscotch and chocolate drizzles.  Perfect!

A cute closing picture to a great night out ")

A cute closing picture to a great night out 🙂

My brother’s wedding photos


After a long wait, here are some of the wedding photos.  The nikah ceremony took place on November 4, 2012 at the Kuching Islamic Information Centre.


The beautiful couple

The beautiful couple


A photo session with family members from KL, Kuching, Mukah, Balingian and Perth

A photo session with family members from KL, Kuching, Mukah, Balingian and Perth


I will upload some more later … I discovered that when I insert photo links from facebook, the pictures wouldn’t show.  I’ve opted to upload the photos one by one.   I’d need more time to upload the rest.