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A touching story …


A friend passed on a story about a little girl’s dying wish to watch the animated movie “UP”.

It recently was released in the theatres about an old man’s mission to fulfill his life dream to travel to South America and how his path crossed with a kid stowaway.

The little girl, Colby Curtin, was suffering from cancer and her she wished to watch “UP” when she saw the trailer a few months ago.

Once “UP” got out, Colby got too sick to go to the theatres to watch.  A family friend contacted Pixar and Disney about holding a private screening at her home.

The next day, a Pixar employee showed up with a DVD and gifts.  Colby could open her eyes to watch because they’re so swollen.  Her mom had to narrate to her what was happening.  Colby loved the movie.

Later that night, Colby passed away …

It’s so sad.  I was teary-eyed when reading the actual article.  My prayers for the little girl’s soul …

Project Dinner @ Chili’s



A group of colleagues and I are attending a project dinner tonight at Chili’s, Midvalley.  It’ll be interesting as for a few of us, it’s our first time having one at our company.

I wanted to know what Chili’s offers so I googled for Chili’s Malaysia.  Chili’s doesn’t have a specific website for Malaysia.  So, I browsed instead.

Basing on the US menu, Chili’s is somewhat similar to TGIF.  They have the fajitas and quesadillas.  Buffalo wings!  I LOVE buffalo wings. Their very own Chicken Crispers, tacos, steaks, and more.

As for desserts, their specialty might be their Molten cake.  A warmed cake topped with ice-cream and sauce.  Let’s see if they have it here 😛

Chili’s here we come!


Here are the pics of the food we had …

New herbs arriving …


Good morning …

Yup, talking about herb gardening again 😛

I’ll be seeing my ol’ friend, Azie this weekend.  She’ll be bringing me some herb plant for me to plant at home.  They’re the bunga kantan, ulam raja, sambung nyawa, and pepper.

Bunga kantan is also known as Torch Ginger Flower.  I LOVE it when added to Masak Assam Pedas.  Yummy!  I never saw the plant.  I found an image from The Kantan Story here.

This is a picture of the flower.

Ulam Raja is consumed to improve blood circulation and is said to help strengthen bones.  Normally, the leaves are eaten as ulam/salad.

Azie's Ulam Raja Plant

Azie's Ulam Raja Plant

Sambung Nyawa is known to help reduce cholesterol level and high blood pressure.  It’s also said to help those with diabetes and constipation.  The leaves can be eaten as ulam or drink as tea.

Azie's Sambung Nyawa Plant

Azie's Sambung Nyawa Plant

Pepper can be made into 2 types; as black pepper and white pepper.  To get black pepper, when the peppercorns are yellowish, pick and sun dry them.  To get white pepper, wait till the peppercorns are ripe (reddish), then pick them.  Soak them in water till their outer skin comes off.  Wash clean then sun dry them well.  Now, you have white pepper.

Azie's Pepper Plant

Azie's Pepper Plant

My herb garden grows …


Alrighty …

As promised, I’ve taken shots of the herb plants that I planted last weekend.  Check them out below.

1. Rosemary


2. Mint


3. Thyme


4. Sweet Basil

Sweet Basil

I found this plant.  My home helper forgotten all about this plant.  This is the temu lawak plant.  I see this plant on a skincare product from Indonesia.

temu lawak

You can see that one of the leaves has been picked on.  We were trying to figure out what it was by sniffing on the bits of leaves 😛

I do not know for sure what temu lawak is for or what is it’s medicinal properties.  So, I googled for temu lawak … found one explanation on Indonesia Wikipedia.

Herb Garden


I’ve been thinking of having my own herb garden for quite some time.  So last weekend, I went to the local farmer’s market and bought some herb plants, fertilizers and organic compost.

Herbs that I bought and planted in my backyard …

  • Sweet basil
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Mint

I’ll upload photos of the herbs later once I manage to snap some  😛

The Infectious Bun Virus


Hi all,

I’ve a friend who’s also my colleague that LOVES photography.  Cool talented guy …

He’s been doing a number of photo shoots lately.  Some of his latest pics …

bun - soft

bun - uluwatu

British India

British India

KL Bird Park

KL Bird Park

Go Kart Session

Go Kart Session

Running Free

Running Free

If anyone requires his services, you can contact him through his flickr.  Tons of pics to browse 🙂

Carnival time


We went to the carnival with the kids, nephews and in-laws.

The elder kids had a go at the rock climb …

rock climb 1

The younger kids had a go at the jumping castle …

jumping castle 1

2 half men and a guy 😛

2half men and a guy

The 2 lovebirds 😛


Ok, so we went home and back to the carnival to watch the fireworks …

This is a few of us seen waiting for the fireworks to start.  The itinerary said fireworks will be at 10pm.  It didn’t start till 10.25pm, I think.

us at carnival

ma famille

da nephews

Yes, it is pointless to put up this picture of the fireworks.  This is what you get when you use a low-end camera.  Hahaha …