New herbs arriving …


Good morning …

Yup, talking about herb gardening again 😛

I’ll be seeing my ol’ friend, Azie this weekend.  She’ll be bringing me some herb plant for me to plant at home.  They’re the bunga kantan, ulam raja, sambung nyawa, and pepper.

Bunga kantan is also known as Torch Ginger Flower.  I LOVE it when added to Masak Assam Pedas.  Yummy!  I never saw the plant.  I found an image from The Kantan Story here.

This is a picture of the flower.

Ulam Raja is consumed to improve blood circulation and is said to help strengthen bones.  Normally, the leaves are eaten as ulam/salad.

Azie's Ulam Raja Plant

Azie's Ulam Raja Plant

Sambung Nyawa is known to help reduce cholesterol level and high blood pressure.  It’s also said to help those with diabetes and constipation.  The leaves can be eaten as ulam or drink as tea.

Azie's Sambung Nyawa Plant

Azie's Sambung Nyawa Plant

Pepper can be made into 2 types; as black pepper and white pepper.  To get black pepper, when the peppercorns are yellowish, pick and sun dry them.  To get white pepper, wait till the peppercorns are ripe (reddish), then pick them.  Soak them in water till their outer skin comes off.  Wash clean then sun dry them well.  Now, you have white pepper.

Azie's Pepper Plant

Azie's Pepper Plant

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