Project Dinner @ Chili’s



A group of colleagues and I are attending a project dinner tonight at Chili’s, Midvalley.  It’ll be interesting as for a few of us, it’s our first time having one at our company.

I wanted to know what Chili’s offers so I googled for Chili’s Malaysia.  Chili’s doesn’t have a specific website for Malaysia.  So, I browsed instead.

Basing on the US menu, Chili’s is somewhat similar to TGIF.  They have the fajitas and quesadillas.  Buffalo wings!  I LOVE buffalo wings. Their very own Chicken Crispers, tacos, steaks, and more.

As for desserts, their specialty might be their Molten cake.  A warmed cake topped with ice-cream and sauce.  Let’s see if they have it here 😛

Chili’s here we come!


Here are the pics of the food we had …


About kawiz

A working mother turned stay-at-home mom, who is managing her two toddlers and her twin babies on her own. As like any parent, she wants to provide the quality of life to her boys. To make ends meet, she's thinking of setting up an online business. Five years has passed, her business more focused on making local delicacies, be it malay or chinese delicacies. Her western cakes and desserts are popular among customers too.

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