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Related Party Transactions


The past couple of days, I learned a new term – Related Party Transactions (RPT).  It’s part of regulatory bodies exercise on getting companies to practice corporate transparency and proper compliance.

What’s RPT all about?

RPT is a transaction that involves transfer of resources, services or obligations between two related parties.  The transaction may involve monies.  Related party can mean a major shareholder or a person connected with a director or major shareholder in that company.

Examples of transactions could be:

  • purchase or sales of goods
  • rendering or receiving services
  • transfer of research and development
  • settlement of liabilities

The reason why this is regulated is to protect the interest of all shareholders and that the directors maintain their duty of good faith and act in the best interest of the company.

SharePoint Certification for Functional Consultants


My PM has been talking to the team about taking up a SharePoint certification.

After passing the exam – Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Configuring – I would be getting the certification for Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist:  Microsoft OFffice SharePoint Server 2007 – Configuration.  More information here.

We target to take the exam next month.  Hmm … I need to make time to study … argh!

The software that could ease my work … a lot!


My work as a functional consultant involves many things.  One important task is to gather the right requirements the users ask for to be included into a particular system.  These gathered requirements will be the basis for the development and tests.  That’s where other documents are created i.e. system design specifications, UAT scripts and etc.  As usual, the requirements will change at some point.  Thus, the documents must be updated to reflect the changes.  So imagine when there are repeated changes in the requirements, then you would need to locate and update the sentences and repeat the same for other documents that were already generated.  That’s a loooot of time and effort needed!

So the story goes … Our new PM has introduced a software that he loves to use.  This software allows a functional person to list out the requirements and generate the system requirements document with just a click of a button.  This software also lets you generate test scripts easily.  To do so, you would need to add the test scenarios.  For any change, all you need to do is go back to the particular use case, update it, and click to generate the new version for the requirements document.  Easy!  Then, click again to generate a new version for the test document.  Pretty interesting, huh?

Want to have a go at it, you can download a trial version from here.

Now, the tough part is to learn how to use it!  Wish me luck!