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A different meaning to Happy Birthday to You!


I’d like to share my son’s version of “Happy Birthday to you” …

It’s quite interesting how he shows his love.  He does say “I love you, XXX”.  Still, not as frequent as “Happy Birthday to you, XXX”.

We never missed holding a birthday party for the kids.  It doesn’t matter if it were small or big, it’s still a birthday party.  I think he observed that at the party, everyone is giving attention to the birthday boy and being happy, laughing, playing games, eating lollies, birthday cake, party food, etc.  It’s a wonderful time for a kid and he loves it!  I’m not sure when he started saying happy birthday to you as I love you … But when he started talking, he’s been saying it in baby talk.  Now, he’s saying it loud and clear that everyone understands.  🙂  Just not everyone understands that he’s saying out his love …

Zayed in Nov 2008 @ 2 years 8 months

Zayed in Nov 2008 @ 2 years 8 months

One of the little things in life …


Lately, I have been very preoccupied in getting things done and have not enjoyed the little things in life, particularly the joys of watching my boys grow.

Last night, I was upset and crying … Suddenly, my three and a half year old boy came up to me, patted my hand and said, “Mummy, tak pe la … Jangan la risau …”, which means, “Mummy, it’s okay.  Don’t worry …”  On hearing that, my sadness went away.  I hugged him and I felt better.

I was really caught by surprise.  My little boy understands what’s going on!  Oh dear … he was watching me 😦 and I thought he was concentrating on watching Channel 611 on Astro!

Here’s my boy 🙂

Zayed - taken a couple of months back

Zayed - taken a couple of months back

Yup, I know … Not in front of the kids kay.  I found a blog entry with amusing comments from its readers!  Have a great read everyone!

Cheers, Kawiz

Selamat Hari Raya!


Dear Muslim friends and family,

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy Hari Raya Aildil Fitri & Maaf Zahir Batin.  I didn’t get the chance to post this wish earlier.  It’s a little late, but hey … we’re celebrating Raya for a whole month, right?!  Yeah!

This year, we’re in KL for the celebration to be with my dad-in-law who has not been well for the past few months.  He’s recovering which is a good sign, though we know that he’s not going to be the same papa as we all know him.  We all pray for his good health and may Allah panjangkan umurnya.

I think my Dad will be coming home this year.  Well, he will only tell us once he has touched down at KLIA.  It’s funny coz then I won’t be able to plan my leave to spend time with him and his family.  But anyway, I’ve gotten used to it after all these years.  Anyway, I know Dad is concerned about papa’s health and I’m sure he will make a point to visit him at home.  *sigh* I miss Dad …

Raya cheer from Kawiz …

Raya songs …


The Raya mood has started to sink in … I’m listening to Raya songs at work.  I found some collections from the net.  Credits to Dream Entertainment Networkz (  I hope you will all enjoy the songs as I do 🙂

Salam Raya from me …

Raya is just round the corner …


Raya is almost here!  5 days to go …

This raya feels different.  The raya mood hasn’t sunk in.  I haven’t shopped for raya yet.  Being queasy made me feel like staying home all the time.  I haven’t bought cookies or cakes.  I think of baking kek lapis but I don’t think I can manage to sit around making one for 3 hours stretch.  *sigh*  I remember the last time I was expecting, I made an attempt to bake a kek lapis.  Half-way I was hurrying to get it over with and it turned out not as expected.  The layers started to be thicker and the colours were not in sync!  hahaha … I promised myself that was gonna be the last time I’ll bake a kek lapis when I’m pregnant.

I want UMAI!


I’ve been craving for umai since last month.

Umai - A Close-up

Umai - A Close-up

It’s been a few years since I last ate umai and that’s how long I’ve not been home to see Nenek a.k.a my grandma.

But they say that it’s not advisable to eat raw food when you’re expecting.  Oh darn … what to do?  The yearning is so great that I’ve eaten half boiled eggs a few times by now.

So how do I find the right and the freshest fish to make umai?  I’m imagining going to the market in the wee hours of the morning to buy fish 😛  It won’t happen if I’m gonna depend on Izam to take me there.  Hehehe …

Oh, you might be wondering what umai is.  Umai is a dish made of raw white fish.  The fish is filleted and sliced thinly.  Then, its mixed with sliced onions and chilies, lime juice (or asam paya), and salt to taste.  They say it’ll taste better if they are all mixed with your hand, instead of using a spoon.  It’s the heat from the hand, they say, that makes it tastier.  So, it’s up to the individual which ever way to do it.  Then, the last step is to keep it in the fridge for about an hour or so before serving.  We eat umai either with rice or sago.  Yummy!  I’m drooling already!  Hehehe …