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Hep B vaccination


Hepatitis is the infection of the liver causing scarring of the liver, liver failure and liver cancer.  Hepatitis B is the most common liver infection in the world.

It is best that pregnant women should already have the Hep B vaccination done.  I’m not, however. I would need to have 3 shots done in a period of 6 months.  I won’t be able to get mine done as I am in my 4th month and the babies might not be protected by the time I have the 3rd shot as it would need a few days to be effective.  Yup, it’s pretty close to the delivery date.

Babies can be infected with the virus during pregnancy or delivery.  In my case, my gynae advised to take it right after the delivery.  The each of the babies would have their 2 shots in the delivery room and I would have mine too.

For those who are concerned about Hep B in pregnancy, I would like to share a good guideline from Hepatitis B Foundation.


What’s Sangobion?


My gynae prescribed me Sangobion by Merck.

Curious, I googled and found that Sangobion is prescribed to those who are anaemic.  It replenishes the iron in the blood and corrects the hemoglobin level in the blood.



Looking back at the blood test results I got 3 weeks ago …  My GP explained that my hemoglobin level is low, but did not prescribe anything.  Instead, he advised to visit my gynae.  He also explained that it’s important to have the Hep B shots done when expecting.

So when we met the gynae, she said there’s no need for alarm that my hemoglobin level is low.  But once we discovered that I’m expecting twins, she prescribed Sangobion.  Some of the symptoms that I experienced due to anaemia are:

  • A fast or irregular heartbeat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dizziness
  • Frequent headaches

I had no idea that the symptoms were telling me there’s something wrong.  I thought it was all due to the pregnancy.

I’m not sure about paleness … I think I’ve always been pale … haha 😛

Back to work …


Today, I am back to work.  The boys fell sick and I was away from work for 3 days.

The boys have lung infection and they were wheezing badly as if they were asthmatic.  The little one was worse.  He couldn’t sleep and was totally restless the first night.  They’re better today though their lungs have not completely cleared up.  We do not know what caused the infection.  What we know is many children from our neighbourhood have the same infection and they were getting the nebulizer treatment to help clear their lungs at our neighborhood clinic.

My boys have been getting the treatment 3 times daily.  This morning should be their last session.  Last night, the GP prescribed them Singulair (oral granules type), which should give an added boost to help their lungs clear up.

Did you know that there is a maternity toothpaste?


Hi all,

I discovered a maternity toothpaste a year ago by Pureen.  I think it was launched only then as I would have used it when I had my 2 boys.

A couple of months ago, there was a Pureen warehouse sale in PJ.  It came at the right time too.  I discovered I was pregnant then so I needed some to get some things for the coming baby (though it’s still a long way away till delivery).  There’s no knowing when the next sale is going to be.  We also needed to get some basic stuff for the boys and we needed to get loads of adult diapers for my sick father-in-law.

I knew I had to get the special toothpaste.  I knew it would help me get through the initial phase of nausea, queasiness, bloatness, anything, you name it.

I read somewhere that the flouride actually makes people like me feel sick and contributes to constant vomitting.  I’m not sure how … I wish I remember where I read it so I can share with you all.


During pregnancy, many women have the desire to snack on carbohydrate containing food. The bacteria will convert the starch/sugar that remains in the mouth/plaque to acids. In women with severe morning sickness, nausea and vomiting leaves stomach acids in the mouth. Acids can damage the surface of the teeth and promote tooth decay.
[taken from the product details]

You can read the full product details here.

I’ve been using the toothpaste and it works for me.  It helps to reduce the uneasy feeling particularly when brushing your teeth.  Though it does not take away the morning sickness totally.  It helps to make it a little tolerable 🙂

I found another link on this product, which I hope is useful for pregnant moms 🙂



Happiest news so far!


Yesterday, I visited my gynae the first time for this pregnancy to ask about Hep B shots and H1N1 vaccination.  It turned out I had a shock of my life!  The baby that hubby and I saw at previous scans turned out to be twins!

Twins?  How could that be possible?  We both do not have family history on twins.  So the chances for us to have twins is almost impossible.

Then, I remembered I had once wished to have twins.  My first two kids are boys and I’ve been wishing for a girl since I was expecting the first time.  Knowing that I only have another chance to carry a baby, I seeked my doctor’s opinion on artificially making twins.  She advised against it, explaining that it would be too risky.  I might lose 1 or both the fetuses.  Plus, she explained that she wouldn’t want to be my gynae for that pregnancy.

I trust my doctor and wouldn’t want to seek another.  So, I erased that particular wish from my mind.  Having another child is what I want, regardless of whether it’s a boy or girl.

So now … having twins is a bonus for us 🙂  and we got a double whammie when the doctor found one of the babies is a girl.

Ok, so back to the shots and vaccination.

  • I don’t have to take my Hep B shots now, only after the delivery.
  • I don’t have to take the H1N1 vaccination because it won’t guarantee that I will be safe from H1N1.

I’m advised to avoid crowded areas, wear a mask at all times, and keep hygiene.  I can get H1N1 if I have direct contact with people who coughed or sneezed.  Other than that the babies and I should be fine 🙂

Hooked on coffee …


For this pregnancy, I’m hooked on to coffee.  Knowing that coffee is bad for expecting women, I’ve opted for decaf coffee instead.  Though decaf, it’s been quite satisfying for me 🙂

I have a colleague who is a person who just googles for everything, including about what we chat during the day.  Our topic for the day was “no energy”.

Anyway, my colleague skipped coffee this morning and she has been feeling somewhat lethargic all day.  She says her brain is not functioning today and she can’t get her work done.  I told her that it must be the caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

She wiki-ed and found this …

Withdrawal symptoms—possibly including headache, irritability, an inability to concentrate, drowsiness, insomnia and pain in the stomach, upper body, and joints—may appear within 12 to 24 hours after discontinuation of caffeine intake, peak at roughly 48 hours.

She also wiki-ed on decaf coffee and found this …

Decaffeinated coffee is also regarded as a potential health risk to pregnant women due to the high incidence of chemical solvents used to extract the caffeine. The impact of these chemicals is debated, however, as the solvents in question evaporate at 80–90 °C, and coffee beans are decaffeinated before roasting, which occurs at approximately 200 °C. As such, these chemicals, namely trichloroethane and methylene chloride, are present in trace amounts at most, and may not pose a significant threat to embryos and fetuses.

The first sentence was a surprise.  Reading on, I felt relieved.  There is a risk, though it’s not proven yet.  So, I guess I can still continue drinking decaf … hehehe …

Zayan’s favourite song


My little boy, Zayan loves to sing … He’s turning 2 next month and he still baby talks …  When he sings, it’s just cute how he pronounces the words 😛

Out of the many nursery rhymes that he knows, he just loves this particular one, a Malay nursery rhyme – Burung Kakak Tua (a.k.a The Parrot).

Burung kakak tua
Hinggap di jendela
Nenek sudah tua
Giginya tinggal dua

Lechum, lechum, lechum ooo la la
Lechum, lechum, lechum ooo la la
Lechum, lechum, lechum ooo la la
Burung kakak tua …

And lastly he finishes off with a big smile and a Yeay!!!  ….

My baby Zayan in May 2009 @ 1 year 6 months ...

My baby Zayan in May 2009 @ 1 year 6 months ...


Planning for a home trip


A home trip back to Kuching is in the works …

Below is a picture of Kuching taken from

Kuching - along the river

Kuching - along the river

Originally the plan is to visit my grandma back in Balingian for a few days.  But I need to see how it goes.

My home trip this time is going to be for some time.  Maybe a month or so, the fastest.  Maybe will stay there longer.  It’ll be a good time for the kids to get to know my mom better.  The last time they saw her was earlier this year and that was only for a couple of weeks.  I’m sure she’ll be happy to have the grandkids around her 🙂