What’s Sangobion?


My gynae prescribed me Sangobion by Merck.

Curious, I googled and found that Sangobion is prescribed to those who are anaemic.  It replenishes the iron in the blood and corrects the hemoglobin level in the blood.



Looking back at the blood test results I got 3 weeks ago …  My GP explained that my hemoglobin level is low, but did not prescribe anything.  Instead, he advised to visit my gynae.  He also explained that it’s important to have the Hep B shots done when expecting.

So when we met the gynae, she said there’s no need for alarm that my hemoglobin level is low.  But once we discovered that I’m expecting twins, she prescribed Sangobion.  Some of the symptoms that I experienced due to anaemia are:

  • A fast or irregular heartbeat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dizziness
  • Frequent headaches

I had no idea that the symptoms were telling me there’s something wrong.  I thought it was all due to the pregnancy.

I’m not sure about paleness … I think I’ve always been pale … haha 😛


About kawiz

A working mother turned stay-at-home mom, who is managing her two toddlers and her twin babies on her own. As like any parent, she wants to provide the quality of life to her boys. To make ends meet, she's thinking of setting up an online business. Five years has passed, her business more focused on making local delicacies, be it malay or chinese delicacies. Her western cakes and desserts are popular among customers too.

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