Maternity belt does ease the pain


Lately, I’ve been experiencing discomfort and pain around my belly and back, particularly the lower back.  There are many nights when I have difficulty sleeping.  I’m pretty heavy now and it feels as if I’m ready for delivery.  haha …

The belt is by Oppo, a brand from UK.  It is well respected among medicine physicians and physiotherapists.

Oppo logo

Anyway, my darling hubby got me a maternity belt yesterday from the pharmacy at the Sime Darby Medical Centre. The belt costs RM54.00.  It’s cheaper than some places selling maternity belts and it’s very basic.  I found a site selling the same belt at RM59.00.  I vaguely remember a belt from another brand selling at over RM100.00.  For me, Oppo feels great and it does it’s job just well.

Taken from Oppo website

There’s a post I found about maternity belts and why pregnant women are experiencing back pain towards the end of their pregnancy.  Read here.

Pregnant moms, if you feel uneasy around your abdomen, I would suggest getting a belt.  It works wonders.  I feel happy I have one to ease the discomforts throughout the day.

Take care!








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