Writing requirements documents


The main question that pops up is what to write for your requirements documents.  In my team, we need to provide a Business Requirements Specifications (BRS) document and a Functional Requirements Specifications (FRS) document.

What’s BRS and what’s FRS?  How do these two documents differ?

Explanation on the differences between a few requirements documents can be found here.  There’s another page that explains the differences really good, particularly on how the BRS should be written:

Quote Conrad van Dyk:

1.The BRS should not be on a “broad level” unless that was your specific mandate. A proper BRS should be as specific as possible (hence the term “specification”).

2.The BRS should answer the “what is needed” question ONLY. I found that users/clients would sometimes insist on having specific design requirements in this document. I always advise such clients that I will rather draft the FRS containing that type of detail.

3.The BRS should always be in a format that the business will understand and should contain narration and diagrams that will make sense to the user/client. This might sometimes require you to be creative with regards to modelling (but being creative is what distinguish a good BA from a not so good one).

More on the answers given by others, click here.


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