Towards the end …


Though this is my third pregnancy, it’s not easy carrying twins.  You’re heavier, bigger, aching and swollen all over.  My feet and hands are so swollen that it’s difficult to grip.  I would need to use both hands to squeeze out stretch mark lotion from the bottle!

Throughout the day, my arms and legs feel numb from time to time 😦

I no longer feel comfortable sleeping on my sides.  I’ll be tossing and turning non-stop throughout the night.  I find it very difficult to get out of bed.  If possible, I wish I have an armchair to sleep in that’s sturdy and with lots of pillows.  It’ll be much more comfortable than a bed.

The maternity belt that I’ve been using doesn’t seem to help much nowadays.  The belt almost doesn’t fit me now.  hehehe …  Yeah, I’m really huge now.

I try to rest as much as possible.  But it’s quite difficult to do so when you have two toddlers who are so attached to you.  [Come to think of it, by the time the twins are born, I have four kids all under 4 years old!]

I still think about work.  Good thing that my company’s management is considerate to let me work from home.  I’ve been working at home for a few weeks and stopped working starting this week.

So, three days to go … how do I feel?  A nervous wreck!  People say third time should be easy.  Well, not if you’re having twins for the first time and you’re not sure what to expect when they’ve come out 🙂

Time to take a rest.  I’ve been sick the past few days and the kids caught the cold from me.  Today is the fourth day Zayan is on the nebulizer.  We’ve got a loan unit from the clinic as the doctor hasn’t seen much improvement the first three days.  Today, Zayan needs a session every four hours.  By evening, Zayan needs to see the doctor to check on his progress.  Wish us the best!


About kawiz

A working mother turned stay-at-home mom, who is managing her two toddlers and her twin babies on her own. As like any parent, she wants to provide the quality of life to her boys. To make ends meet, she's thinking of setting up an online business. Five years has passed, her business more focused on making local delicacies, be it malay or chinese delicacies. Her western cakes and desserts are popular among customers too.

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