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I’ll be working this weekend …


Yesterday, we had the project status update meeting with our customer.  Their infra team has to refresh the staging environment for the UAT next week.  They will only refresh at off-peak hours, so that means they’ll only start at 6:00pm today.  It would take them at least 9 hours and their asking to give them till Saturday morning.  Well, that means we’ve to get in for work by noon.

With that, I’m thinking who’ll take care of the babies.  Hubby can look after the 2 older boys.  He might take them out somewhere.  He might just take them to Empire Gallery as the boys love to go there.  They’ve been going there with their Ty-Yan (Aunty Yan) and Neng (grandma), which I guess could be every week when I’m at work.

I guess I’ll bring the babies to work if I have to.  I do not want my mother-in-law to take care of them this weekend.  She’s been taking care of them during weekdays.  She needs her break.  Well, this is an option.  I still need to think about it.

Ok .. I gotta start work.  It’s critical time!  Haha … I’m exhausted 😦

She’s one CRAZY, SICK, OUTTA-her-mind maid!!


I received very sad news.  A very close friend of mine found out that her maid has been treating her baby daughter very bad … really inhumane!  Her baby was born 5 days before my twins were born.  Imagine she’s not even 4 months during this terrible ordeal.  I cannot imagine how someone would do all this to a baby …

Imagine this …

  • The maid would throw the baby on the couch
  • The maid would lift her by her hand
  • The maid would cover her (top to toe) with a pillow to make her sleep
  • The maid would shake her to sleep

My friend has shared a couple of videos with us, her friends and acquaintances.  She couldn’t share anymore as she couldn’t get herself to watch the recordings.  She wants to forget what happened and move on …

You can watch them here and here.

I hope I’m helping in some way by sharing this ordeal with whoever I can reach.  To parents out there … install cctv at home!  it’s the best you can do if you opt to have a live-in maid and leave the kids with her day-in, day-out while you’re at work.

Red velvet cake


A friend of mine loves Red Velvet Cake and is planning to sell the cake to her fans.  I searched for the recipe and I found that it’s quite popular.  This cake is actually a chocolate cake but it’s red in color and it’s frosting is white.

Here’s what it looks like …

(taken from

You can try out baking this special cake with the recipes here (from Joy of Baking) and here.

Sick …


I’ve fallen sick on Friday and still have not recovered today 😦

The stress at work and coming home to two babies (who wake me up several times during the night) and two toddlers (who are constantly trying to get your attention) are really taking its toll.  Hubby has been “knocked out” quite frequent with his high blood pressure (diagnosed three months ago).  It’s really a good thing that we have a helper at home to help with the domestic chores and take care of the toddlers when I’m at work.  My mother-in-law takes care of the babies on weekdays.

I was sick a few weeks ago and I had to stop breastfeeding the babies for a week because of the medications that I was taking.  Now I’m sick again and I asked the doctor to only prescribe mild medications as I do not want to stop breastfeeding the babies again.

I do not know if I can carry on working at this rate.  I just don’t know 😦  All I know is to keep this family, we need two incomes and that’s that.

Someone gave me a new phone


Today, I received a big surprise from my loving hubby.  A brand new phone, Nokia N900!  When I received it, I was wondering what’s this bag for.  Little did I know, it was a gift.  It took some time to sink in.  When it did, I was going, “Oh my god!  Oh my god!  I can’t believe this!”  Hahaha …

Taken from

Frankly speaking, I have never owned a phone that cost more than RM1000.  Every time I visit the handphone shop, I would contemplate as to whether I should spend that much money for a handphone.  I’m unlike many friends and colleagues who would splurge on a “cool” handphone.  To me, it’s sufficient to be able to make calls, send smses and take pictures.

Imagine, my colleague had to help me open the back cover so I can insert the battery and SIM card.  Hahaha …  Then, I didn’t know I had to import contacts first before I can make calls.  Well, it’s certainly a cool gadget and something I need to learn how to use.