She’s one CRAZY, SICK, OUTTA-her-mind maid!!


I received very sad news.  A very close friend of mine found out that her maid has been treating her baby daughter very bad … really inhumane!  Her baby was born 5 days before my twins were born.  Imagine she’s not even 4 months during this terrible ordeal.  I cannot imagine how someone would do all this to a baby …

Imagine this …

  • The maid would throw the baby on the couch
  • The maid would lift her by her hand
  • The maid would cover her (top to toe) with a pillow to make her sleep
  • The maid would shake her to sleep

My friend has shared a couple of videos with us, her friends and acquaintances.  She couldn’t share anymore as she couldn’t get herself to watch the recordings.  She wants to forget what happened and move on …

You can watch them here and here.

I hope I’m helping in some way by sharing this ordeal with whoever I can reach.  To parents out there … install cctv at home!  it’s the best you can do if you opt to have a live-in maid and leave the kids with her day-in, day-out while you’re at work.


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