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Babies progress differently


Ziyan has started turning over … Yeay!  It’s been a few days and he loves to be on his tummy 🙂

Ziyad learned to turn over about a month ago.  Now, when you put him down, he turns in an jiffy.  He can now move forward.  His legs are stronger and starts pushing himself forward.  You can see his buttocks will go up and up … then down.  Up and up and down.  Hehehe … cute!  Ziyad start crawling soon.

*sigh*  My babies are growing very fast and I’m not there to watch every moment of it 😦

I’m officially a great-aunt!


Yup, I am now a great-aunt.  I’m not even hitting 40 in the near future 😛

My nephew’s wife gave birth to a baby boy at the end of June.

There’s now 5 generations living in my grandma’s home; my grandma, my aunt, my cousin, my nephew, and finally my newborn great-nephew.  Phew!  That’s a lot of generations 😛

Congratulations to my nephew and his wife 🙂

My nephew's newborn baby

The BST didn’t go smooth


The BST didn’t go as smooth as I hoped.

For one, the netbooks that were used for the UAT and training should have been configured properly, otherwise testers would have highlighted that they’re experiencing problems doing the test or training.  Testers did not log any issue about this before.  So, yeah … the netbooks weren’t configured as they should have been.

Second, the network at the client’s office was intermittent.  We encountered errors when submitting the document to the system.

Geez … one really important advice.  If you were to do a business simulation test, you’ve got to make sure that it’s done properly.  Don’t be rushed to test your system.  It should be tested when it’s ready and it must be done in the production environment.  A simulation test should replicate as close as possible to the actual live system.  No point testing on the staging server.

Anyway, I do not know if it’s good news or bad.  Our system go live has been postponed to a later date.  My team is able to deliver the system free of bugs come Tuesday.  Unfortunately, the client has other plans in mind …

Tomorrow is our BST


BST … for Business Simulation Test.  We’re going to have it tomorrow and is going to be on-site.  This means making a visit to a substation somewhere in Klang Valley.

This is going to be interesting.  I mean, who gets to go into a substation?  Only the foremen and engineers, right?

Let’s see if I can snap some pics of how it looks like on the inside 😛

It’s 10:07 pm.  I’m now still in the office.  At the last minute, a lot of things are required for tomorrow morning.  And yes, as usual a lot of the work that we’ve been doing was needed like yesterday.  Everything is urgent.  We just keep going …

Babies were admitted to the PAED ward ..


Last week, Ziyan was not well.  He was having yo-yo fever.  So we took him to the clinic.  The doctor said he also has mild tonsillitis.  For the next 3 days, Ziyan had high fever in the wee hours of the morning and we gave him the “SUP”.  Heck, I don’t know what’s it called in full 😛 It’s the tablet  that is inserted to bring down the temperature.

Then, his temperature went up again Sunday evening and that’s when we took him back to the clinic.  The doctor advised that we take Ziyan to the hospital as there’s nothing more that he can do.  For a baby to be sick for more than 3 days, it shows that something’s not right.  Doctor also advised that we take Ziyad as well since they’re twins.

We went home and I started packing, expecting a few days stay at the hospital.  We sponged Ziyan to bring his temperature down.  A couple of hours later, we were at the ER.  Many patients were children having high fever.  A sign that it’s the season where kids fall sick.  We had to wait an hour before the nurse called the babies’ name.  She checked the stats.  It was then again about an hour or so before the dr saw us.  They did a urine test for Ziyan.  The results would be out in about an hour.  Yeah … we were there for hours 😦

Anyway, the urine test showed that Ziyan’s white blood count was ultra high and he was having a viral infection.  So, both babies were admitted that morning.  It took ages for the insurance to give confirmation before we could get our room.  The room was 256 with 2 beds.  It was kinda nice as we had two of everything 😛

Oh yeah .. the doctor on duty was Dr. Benny Wan.  The doctor on call was Dr. Sanjay Woodhull.

Menara TM is HOT HOT HOT!


Menara TM is like a sauna!  The air conditioning has broken down since yesterday.  We heard that it’ll only be fixed by Sunday.  Oh dear … imagine being cooped up with no windows to open 😦


The day after the air-conditioning broke down, we were running a UAT session in a training room.  There were about 20 of us in there.  The desktop computers were switched on and so were notebooks.  No ventilation … So we had to bring  couple of standing fans in.  It became really stuffy that some opt to move to the meeting room next door.  Some testers complained they couldn’t think … from lack of oxygen 😛 Everyone was stressed out.