Monthly Archives: January 2011

R.I.P – Hjh Hasnah Kawi


It’s 2am and I’m not asleep yet.  My aunt, Hjh Hasnah passed away yesterday afternoon at Mukah Hospital.  The news shocked everyone.  It was very sudden.  Her funeral is arranged for tomorrow morning at the cemetery near Balingian.  Some family and relatives won’t be able to make it, but they’re on their way back to pay their last respects.

Although I am in Kuching, I won’t be able to go back as I have my four kids with me.  Hubby is in KL working on starting a new project for his company.  It’ll be difficult to bring the kids back on a long and tiring journey and everyone would be very busy there.  I don’t want to impose anyone to help me take care of the kids pulak.

I’ve been thinking of my aunt.  Things that I have thought of doing for her, but didn’t get to do.  I will never get to do them now.

May Allah bless her soul …