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Asthma attack


Zayan had an asthma attack Sunday night.  He had difficulty in breathing and was constantly coughing. He has been free from asthma attack for over a year now.  So, I was quite surprised he got it again.  It wasn’t chronic, but you could hear the wheezing … 😦

I realized this sudden attack was caused when my mum and I had to rearrange the furniture because the twins were constantly climbing them and could have fallen.

We had to take Zayan to the clinic the next morning.  The clinics in Kuching close at 9.00 pm.  So, I had to do whatever I could to ease his condition that night.  I also asked Azleen what else could be done as I knew that she was asthmatic before. These were what I did for Zayan:

  • The air-conditioning was switched off
  • I made him wear a singlet underneath his PJs
  • I rubbed Vicks to his chest, back, the soles of his feet and calves
  • I added an extra or two pillows so that his head and upper body is raised much higher

Zayan had problem sleeping.  So, I stayed up with him while comforting him till he fell asleep around 1 am. The next day, we took him to Klinik Cahaya.  Doctor asked whether Zayan has been unwell earlier.  I said, “yes, he was having the flu and I have been giving him flu medicine [Loratadine (from Axcel)]. When we saw the doctor, he gave Zayan the neb treatment and some medicine; antibiotic, cetirizine syrup for flu, diphenhydramine syrup for cough, and salcodyl syrup for asthma and also to help with the phlegm.

The doctor also recommended that I could give him some warm water to drink.  It’ll warm up his chest. I googled and found some good sites to refer to know more about asthma and what to do when there is an asthma attack:

Swimming diapers


Yesterday, Azleen and I went to the Spring to buy swimming trunks for the twins.

I remembered finding one at Poppies.  I vaguely remember it was green with red dots and costs only RM10.00.  Pretty affordable, that one.

So, we went to Poppies with the twins.  I found the very same diaper and too bad it was the only one they had or left! 😦  We need two diapers but they only have one!

We hope other stores would have swimming diapers.  It’s rare for shops to carry swimming diapers for little ones as it’s very rare for babies to start swimming in Kuching.

After paying at Poppies (the diaper cost RM10.90), we headed to Parkson’s swimming gear section.  Nope, they don’t have any swimming diapers.  The sales assistant suggested we go check out a store on the Ground Floor.  And, off we went.  We asked the store lady whether they carry any swimming diapers and she said, “Yes, There’s one left”.  Erk! Azleen exclaimed, “One?!”, while I exclaimed, “And it’s PINK!”.  Azleen quickly went through the items on the hanger. Phew!  They have some more and they’re blue!  Thank god!  Hahahaha … imagine having one of the boys wearing pink.  We paid RM15.00 for the blue swimming diaper.  It’s original price was RM29.90.

Then, in the evening, we brought Zayan and the twins to the MBKS pool.  The twins looked so cute in their swimming diapers.  [Photos to follow soon]

Lion’s Whiskers


I came across a blog, named Lion’s Whiskers.  What’s that all about you might ask?

Well, it’s a blog that provides information for parents on ” … raising their kids to have courage for the challenges on the path ahead”.

The blog is inspired by a traditional folk tale from Ethiopia.  Read it here.  It also gives top 10 reasons to read the blog.  I am sure I will like this blog after I’ve read through the posts.  I’m sure you will too 🙂

OH, by the way, the blog is managed by two women, Lisa Dungate and Jennifer Armstrong.   Good work, ladies!

Lisa Dungate, a parenting coach, child/family therapist, and family life educator.

Jennifer Armstrong, an award-winning author of over 100 books for children and teens

Twins first trip to the pool


My brother and his fiancée decided that they are ready to bring the twin babies to the pool.  So, yesterday was their first trip. Ziyad is a water baby, while Ziyan is a bit afraid of the water.

I will put up photos from yesterday later.

*updated with photos 14 April 2011

Then, Zaheer brought to dinner at Premier 101 to eat Ayam Penyet.  I must say, it was the best ayam penyet I’ve tasted so far!

Nearby, there is a cafe cum bakery called Delizze.  I’m quite surprised there is a place this good in Kuching and it’s food pricing is really affordable.  I must make a trip there one day with mum and family one day.  It’s not to be missed.  I found a post by jfook with photos of the yummy pastries and ala carte dishes.  Another post by John Wong here.

Zayed & classmates had spidey cake


Today, Zaheer, Azleen and I (and of course, we brought the twins with us) went to the boys kindie with Zayed’s birthday cake and goodie bags for his friends.

Zayed is a shy boy.  Here you can see that … This is when he’s standing in front of the class and everyone is singing him the birthday song.

Zayed being shy ...

The twins joined in the fun too!

Zayed and his classmates

A class photo with Mdm June and Miss Tena.

This is Zayeds place on the shelf outside the classroom.

Congratulations to N.A.J.W.A!


Congratulations, Naj!

Last night, she had a showcase and launch for her album titled “Innocent Soul” at Ecoba Restaurant & Bar.  Close friends and family were there to support.  I am sure everyone had a wonderful time 🙂

A friend, Lieza, made this for her …

Najwa’s live performance @ Ecoba …

Najwa’s interview with Astro Awani …

Another interview by DTV@1 …

This is her “Got to go” video  …

We have baby birds!


Yes, the eggs have hatched! I noticed yesterday the mama bird flew to the nest with some food hanging from its beak. It was feeding the babies.

I’ve captured a picture of the tiny babies.  They look so delicate … I wonder how long it would be till they open their eyes and start chirping like what we would see on tv 😛

*updated with photo 14 April 2011

Breastmilk does cure …


I’m a believer in breastfeeding my babies.  With my first two boys, I wasn’t able to breastfeed for long.  It lasted 8 months with Zayed and 1 year and 1 month with Zayan.  With my twins, I’ve been breastfeeding for 1 year and a half month and still going.

Earlier, when I went back to work after having the twins, my babies would still fall sick.  I was quite disappointed as I knew that breastfeeding would keep the babies healthy.  Maybe I wasn’t breastfeeding them enough.  I wasn’t able to express much milk at work.  On average, I could get 2 to 4 bottles of 4oz feeding bottles; I’d fill them up to the brim if I could.  I guessed it could be because of the tight deadlines and stress at work.  That amount of milk is not enough for 2 babies!

Being a full-time mom, I could breastfeed my babies as much as I could.  They’re less likely to fall sick nowadays, except that 1 week of stomach flu that my boys caught.

I’d like to share a post by Trisha from  Her post, “Breastmilk cures”, tells of her home research on breastmilk as a remedy for cuts, sores, and bites.

Where to find BPA free bottles?


With the ban on BPA feeding bottles announced yesterday, I am sure many parents would be hunting for BPA free bottles for their babies/infants. I googled and found this excellent blog by Trisha,  She has presented a list (cheat sheet as she calls it) of BPA free bottles and sippy cups.  See here.

Ban on non-BPA-free feeding bottles


Tonight’s evening news headlines highlighted that the Malaysian government will ban feeding bottles that are not BPA-free by March 2012.

I googled online and found an article by The Malaysian Insider (it’s the first to publish online).

Hmm … I wonder why wait a year?  A year is too long if you’re thinking of the safety of the little ones who are drinking from these bottles.


So, which plastics contain BPA?

According to Wikipedia, we should look at the identification code found at the bottom of the plastic container/bottle.

“In general, plastics that are marked with recycle codes 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 are very unlikely to contain BPA. Some, but not all, plastics that are marked with recycle codes 3 or 7 may be made with BPA.”

Some type 7 plastics may leak bisphenol A
Type 3 plastics may leak bisphenol A
p/s:  I’ve added a post where you could find the BPA free bottles and sippy cup.  See here.