Stomach flu


My poor boys are down with stomach flu …

Zayed is the one badly affected.  He’s so skinny, he has lost quite a bit of weight.  Zayed and Zayan feel nauseated every time they want to eat!  How could they eat?  Oh dear …

Ziyad threw up twice in the wee hours of this morning, then had diarrhea.  Poor baby …

My mom took us to Klinik Cahaya, Jalan Haji Taha, Kuching.  It’s run by Dr. Redduan.  I checked out his blog, click here.

The older boys are given medicine for the vomiting and upset stomach.  The babies are given antibiotics and a medicine for the upset stomach.

So, Ziyan is the last ‘boy’ standing.  I didn’t figure it out till we were given the medicines.  The doctor prescribed Suprim, antibiotic by Hovid for the twins.  It’s the same kind of antibiotics that Ziyan is taking daily because of his history of urine infections.  In short, Ziyan is not affected because he’s been taking antibiotics all the while.

I found a couple of links about stomach flu:

Just a note to myself … Their weights taken this morning:  Zayed (16kg), Zayan (12kg), Ziyad (9kg), Ziyan (9.5kg)


P/S:  I’ve added a post on what we can do when our kids have stomach flu, see here.  I hope with me sharing some experience, it would help moms out there who are in the same predicament.


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