Breastmilk does cure …


I’m a believer in breastfeeding my babies.  With my first two boys, I wasn’t able to breastfeed for long.  It lasted 8 months with Zayed and 1 year and 1 month with Zayan.  With my twins, I’ve been breastfeeding for 1 year and a half month and still going.

Earlier, when I went back to work after having the twins, my babies would still fall sick.  I was quite disappointed as I knew that breastfeeding would keep the babies healthy.  Maybe I wasn’t breastfeeding them enough.  I wasn’t able to express much milk at work.  On average, I could get 2 to 4 bottles of 4oz feeding bottles; I’d fill them up to the brim if I could.  I guessed it could be because of the tight deadlines and stress at work.  That amount of milk is not enough for 2 babies!

Being a full-time mom, I could breastfeed my babies as much as I could.  They’re less likely to fall sick nowadays, except that 1 week of stomach flu that my boys caught.

I’d like to share a post by Trisha from  Her post, “Breastmilk cures”, tells of her home research on breastmilk as a remedy for cuts, sores, and bites.


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