Lion’s Whiskers


I came across a blog, named Lion’s Whiskers.  What’s that all about you might ask?

Well, it’s a blog that provides information for parents on ” … raising their kids to have courage for the challenges on the path ahead”.

The blog is inspired by a traditional folk tale from Ethiopia.  Read it here.  It also gives top 10 reasons to read the blog.  I am sure I will like this blog after I’ve read through the posts.  I’m sure you will too 🙂

OH, by the way, the blog is managed by two women, Lisa Dungate and Jennifer Armstrong.   Good work, ladies!

Lisa Dungate, a parenting coach, child/family therapist, and family life educator.

Jennifer Armstrong, an award-winning author of over 100 books for children and teens

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  1. Hi Kawiz! We’re really glad you found our blog, and thanks for the shout out! We hope you’ve been able to grab a few moments (wow, twin babies! got your hands full!) to check out more of our content. We add something every day, so when you do have a little time there will be plenty to read. Please feel free to share your feedback with us on the blog or on our Facebook page.
    All best,
    Jennifer and Lisa

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