Swimming diapers


Yesterday, Azleen and I went to the Spring to buy swimming trunks for the twins.

I remembered finding one at Poppies.  I vaguely remember it was green with red dots and costs only RM10.00.  Pretty affordable, that one.

So, we went to Poppies with the twins.  I found the very same diaper and too bad it was the only one they had or left! 😦  We need two diapers but they only have one!

We hope other stores would have swimming diapers.  It’s rare for shops to carry swimming diapers for little ones as it’s very rare for babies to start swimming in Kuching.

After paying at Poppies (the diaper cost RM10.90), we headed to Parkson’s swimming gear section.  Nope, they don’t have any swimming diapers.  The sales assistant suggested we go check out a store on the Ground Floor.  And, off we went.  We asked the store lady whether they carry any swimming diapers and she said, “Yes, There’s one left”.  Erk! Azleen exclaimed, “One?!”, while I exclaimed, “And it’s PINK!”.  Azleen quickly went through the items on the hanger. Phew!  They have some more and they’re blue!  Thank god!  Hahahaha … imagine having one of the boys wearing pink.  We paid RM15.00 for the blue swimming diaper.  It’s original price was RM29.90.

Then, in the evening, we brought Zayan and the twins to the MBKS pool.  The twins looked so cute in their swimming diapers.  [Photos to follow soon]

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