Asthma attack


Zayan had an asthma attack Sunday night.  He had difficulty in breathing and was constantly coughing. He has been free from asthma attack for over a year now.  So, I was quite surprised he got it again.  It wasn’t chronic, but you could hear the wheezing … 😦

I realized this sudden attack was caused when my mum and I had to rearrange the furniture because the twins were constantly climbing them and could have fallen.

We had to take Zayan to the clinic the next morning.  The clinics in Kuching close at 9.00 pm.  So, I had to do whatever I could to ease his condition that night.  I also asked Azleen what else could be done as I knew that she was asthmatic before. These were what I did for Zayan:

  • The air-conditioning was switched off
  • I made him wear a singlet underneath his PJs
  • I rubbed Vicks to his chest, back, the soles of his feet and calves
  • I added an extra or two pillows so that his head and upper body is raised much higher

Zayan had problem sleeping.  So, I stayed up with him while comforting him till he fell asleep around 1 am. The next day, we took him to Klinik Cahaya.  Doctor asked whether Zayan has been unwell earlier.  I said, “yes, he was having the flu and I have been giving him flu medicine [Loratadine (from Axcel)]. When we saw the doctor, he gave Zayan the neb treatment and some medicine; antibiotic, cetirizine syrup for flu, diphenhydramine syrup for cough, and salcodyl syrup for asthma and also to help with the phlegm.

The doctor also recommended that I could give him some warm water to drink.  It’ll warm up his chest. I googled and found some good sites to refer to know more about asthma and what to do when there is an asthma attack:

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