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Stomach flu; a remedy


It’s been more than a week since my first boy started having stomach flu (my earlier post on stomach flu is here).  Now, Zayed and Zayan are better, though the twins are still purging.

Boy, oh boy … I can tell you there were a lot of cleaning and washing going on … every day!  It is a handful when it’s just me doing the cleaning and washing and four kids doing the ‘mess’.  This is very memorable for me … hahaha.

There isn’t much we could do for the boys and babies, except giving them liquids and more liquids, especially when they kept throwing up because that’s when they can’t eat and keep the food down.  I give my older boys 100 plus, while the babies drink hydration salt solution.  I stopped giving them milk and anything that contains lactose, though I still breastfeed my babies.  Lately, food is very much bland.  Mostly, bananas, toasted bread, rice porridge, rice crackers and rusks for the babies and toasted bread with a favorite spread and plain rice with fish and egg for the older boys.

Zayed can be very fussy.  He would refuse to eat anything and that’s when I have to entice him with pizza, beefburger from McDonald’s, chicken from KFC, and french fries.  Otherwise, the last option is to let him have some bag of chips!  It happened twice before when he had to be admitted to the hospital.  He kept throwing up and nothing goes in.  He won’t eat nor drink.  It got very serious when he was dehydrated and was running very high fever.  He became very, very weak.

I learned the lesson the hard way.  If he can’t eat or drink, give him something that he loves i.e. fast food and sweet sodas.  The important thing is not him eating and drinking right, but him to at least eat and drink something.

One other important thing is to get them to rest, rest and rest.  I know with toddlers, they just won’t.  So, you have got to force them to sleep.  That;s the only way to get them to rest.

Beach boys


These beautiful pictures are compliments from Azleen & Zaheer.  They are taken on the same afternoon we went to the beach (see earlier post).

This my personal favorite and it is a rare occasion where I am in a picture with all my boys 🙂

Ziyad is with Ain, Azleen's good friend

My one and only baby who has 3 teeth below (since he was 8 months old). His brothers all have/had 2 at this age.

Ziyan doesn't fancy the sand ... and the water

Ziyad is very keen with the sand and water. He even ate sand!

Thanks, Heer and Azleen! 🙂  We had a blast!

An afternoon at the beach


My brother and his fiancée took the kids and me to the beach one afternoon.  We went to Damai Beach Resort as its beach is open to the public.

The older boys had real fun.  I was happy and so were the twins.

We arrived at almost 5 pm.  We caught by surprise when we saw that there were many cars and we saw 2 ITM buses.  Erk!!

Walking by the pool towards the beach …

We got our places facing the sea …

Baby Ziyan

Baby Ziyad



Down at the beach …

Zayed is practising writing his name … in capital letters …

… and in small letters …

Zayan too is having a go at writing his name 🙂

Back to playing …

Zayed taking a ‘half’ dip … Zayan wasn’t brave enough to join in …

The kids were hungry in the end and eating snacks ..

A bird nest


I’ve been trying to extract pictures out of my phone camera to the computer so I can upload new posts to this blog.  Finally, I could do it.  Otherwise, I can only get the images from the additional memory card in the phone.  This afternoon, I could access the phone storage.  Hooray!

So on with my post for today …

Last week, as I was looking out of the kitchen window, I noticed a small brown bird was hiding within a pot of orchids that my mom had planted years ago.

I kept watching.  Then, I got thinking.  There is a reason why this bird is in that pot for a long time.

After the bird left, I went out to take a look.  The pot is hung rather high and I couldn’t look inside.  So, I got my phone camera and took a picture.  True enough, there are two little eggs lying inside a nest!

Wow … this is a first for me.  Usually, when I found a nest around the house, they have been abandoned.  No eggs …

Anyway, what I wanted to say is although this home is smack in the city centre, it’s still really close to nature.  For instance, when we first arrived in January, I noticed a family of wild birds are living among the bushes of lemongrass and another plant, which the leaves are used for women’s confinement. Two adult birds with their 4 hatchlings.  The little ones are black all over.  This reminds me of the ugly duckling that grew into a swan story 🙂  Now, the hatchlings have grown to young birds like their parents.

Back to the two eggs in the nest.  I can’t wait to see the eggs hatch.  Once they hatch, I hope the mother bird won’t mind if I take a picture of the hatchlings.

Hey, it’s Zayan!


I found some pictures of Zayan on an old memory card.  I guess he could be a little over a year old.

These pictures must be taken on a Saturday.  I believe it’s just me and him at home … Oh, yeah, Zayed too.  I guess he was still asleep.

This one was taken at McDonald’s. I remember the baby chair can only be found at McD.  Zayan is wearing a toy monkey with harness.

Oh … this one is cute!  Zayan is wearing a helmet and is riding a police car that his Atoq bought for him.  The car is still around at Atoq’s house.

Now that I have Zayan’s pictures up, I should have some of Zayed’s pictures up as well.  Yep, that’s my next task 🙂

Stomach flu


My poor boys are down with stomach flu …

Zayed is the one badly affected.  He’s so skinny, he has lost quite a bit of weight.  Zayed and Zayan feel nauseated every time they want to eat!  How could they eat?  Oh dear …

Ziyad threw up twice in the wee hours of this morning, then had diarrhea.  Poor baby …

My mom took us to Klinik Cahaya, Jalan Haji Taha, Kuching.  It’s run by Dr. Redduan.  I checked out his blog, click here.

The older boys are given medicine for the vomiting and upset stomach.  The babies are given antibiotics and a medicine for the upset stomach.

So, Ziyan is the last ‘boy’ standing.  I didn’t figure it out till we were given the medicines.  The doctor prescribed Suprim, antibiotic by Hovid for the twins.  It’s the same kind of antibiotics that Ziyan is taking daily because of his history of urine infections.  In short, Ziyan is not affected because he’s been taking antibiotics all the while.

I found a couple of links about stomach flu:

Just a note to myself … Their weights taken this morning:  Zayed (16kg), Zayan (12kg), Ziyad (9kg), Ziyan (9.5kg)


P/S:  I’ve added a post on what we can do when our kids have stomach flu, see here.  I hope with me sharing some experience, it would help moms out there who are in the same predicament.