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R.I.P – Hjh. Salamah Lee


At 5.20am yesterday, my beloved paternal grandmother passed away in her home in Balingian.  My aunt and cousins were by her side.  I miss her dreadfully.  She was 89.

Again, I am not there for the funeral and kenduri.  I almost got on the express bus with my brother, bringing the kids along.  Then, after some thoughts and discussion with hubby and brother, it was best that I didn’t go.  *sigh*  They said taking the kids on the bus and being on it all through the night is just scary …

I am so disappointed in myself for not able to visit her the past three years.  I’m afraid I had a lot of excuses that made me rethink of my plans to visit her in Balingian:  work, small children, travel budget, no one accompanying me on the trip, etc.  I should be ashamed of myself.  Regretting now is useless …

She was a strong woman.  My grandfather passed away more than 35 years ago.  I think I was about 3 or 4 years old.  He suffered from TB.

She had a stroke some years ago.  With traditional massages and traditional herbal medication, she recovered slowly.  She could move and walked again.

Lately, she started to forget things … sometimes she would forget that she has showered, eaten, etc.

I hope I’m able to go back to Balingian soon for my aunt’s makan hol 100 days and my grandmother’s makan hol 20 days early next month.  Insya’allah … That’s my plan with my brother for the moment.

I pray to Allah that my grandmother and my aunt happy and well-taken care of with Him.

Al-fatihah …



I saw a woodpecker in our backyard!  I usually would ignore the birds and let them do their usual thing.

But this particular bird attracted my attention.  It was pecking on the trunk of the mango tree.  I was thinking, “this is not the birds we usually see everyday.  it must be a woodpecker.”  Sure enough it was.  It kept on pecking on the tree.  Then, I think it realized that there was a watcher nearby.  It hopped up to the top.

The woodpecker head was red and so was its wings.  It had a distinct crest.  I googled and found a nice clear picture of the bird … the “banded woodpecker” (Picus miniaceus) …

Courtesy of

I was obese … ?


Hi there …

I think it’s been about 2 weeks since I last wrote.  I wonder how you have been doing.

We had company from KL the first week, then we all fell sick after that.  It took us a complete week to recover.  The kids got the seasonal virus that’s been going around and I got food-poisoned!

Anyway, on with my post for today …

I was watching Bella on NTV7 this morning and they had a segment on pregnant women and health.  One O&G professor from UM said the rule of thumb for women to gain weight when pregnant is between 11 and 16 kg and if the woman is obese, it would be around 7kg.

Only 11 to 16 kilos??  Gee … I was overweight!!!  During my last pregnancy with the twins, my last recorded weight was 89.5!  At the start, I was about 62kilos.  I gained about 27.5kilos! Well, yeah, I’m better when I eat.  Unlike to some, they can’t eat as they can’t keep the food down.  For me, it’s the other way round.  Hahaha …

My oh my … Dr. Siti never stopped me from gaining more weight.  She said I’m doing okay 🙂  You know, come to think of it, she’s one part of the pregnancy that always make me happy …  Thanks, Dr. Siti!