Monthly Archives: July 2011

R.I.P Mustafa Abdul Rahman


On July 15th, Papa (my father-in-law) has left us to be with Allah at 3:00am.  We all miss him so much especially his cucus.  It’s been difficult to endure because all his children are close to him.  We all think of the sweet happy memories of arwah.  Arwah is a good kind-hearted man.

The day earlier, arwah was getting his dialysis treatment done at Ampang Puteri Hospital, like he has done for the past two years, three times a week.  He complained of stomach pains to his doctor and later, he was admitted to the ICU.  Though critical, he showed good signs of recovery.  He was given some pills to help him sleep and his family was asked to go home.  Everyone was eager to come back in the morning to see arwah.  Then, after 3 in the morning, they received a call from the doctor, informing them the sad news.  Mama called me in at 3:20.  I was in Kuching with the kids.  I couldn’t go back to sleep since then.  I started packing … We were going back to KL …

May Allah bless his soul.  Arwah has been good to everyone 🙂