Wildlife right at our doorstep …


Nowadays, we don’t see that many types of birds in our yard.  Before Chong Lin Park was developed, we had many winged visitors.  We used to have a little jungle right in front of our house; the same place where we picked paku and midin.  The birds are from there and when they feel like it, they’d come over for a stroll in the yard 😀

Here are some of the birds that I remember seeing …

White-breasted water hen (credits to http://odysseyist.wordpress.com – Thanks!)

The white-breasted water hen loves to lay eggs in the bushes i.e. lemongrass bush and the pandan bush.  Mum always stumble upon the nest. CK Leong of borneobirds.com has more info about this water hen.  I haven’t seen one since I’ve been back the past month.

This bird has always been around – the yellow-vented bulbul.  I’m guessing the image below would be for a male.  I have seen a pair of these birds  a few times; one with the black crest and one without.  This morning, I saw the pair quite aggressive with a couple of common mynas.  Maybe they were protecting their nest.

Yellow-vented bulbul (courtesy of CK Leong at http://www.borneobirds.com – Thanks!)

The spotted pigeon or, most probably, it’s the pink-necked green pigeon because of the distinct spotted neck is also a frequent visitor.  I just saw one this morning under the kitchen’s jasmine bush shaped like a topiary.

The pink-necked green pigeon (courtesy of http://www.malaysianbirds.com – Thanks!)

The common myna (courtesy of http://www.malaysianbirds.com – Thanks!)

Tree sparrow (credits to http://www.malaysianbirds.com – Thanks!)

I’ve seen a yellow bird but I’m not sure if it’s the Iora.

Iora (credits to http://www.malaysianbirds.com – Thanks!)

There was a great big reddish bird that I saw last year while I was doing the dishes  It was walking alongside the fencing near the kitchen window.  I took photos of it, but they were not clear and I didn’t have a proper camera.  I tried looking for an image of it on the net, but no success.  It had pretty large and long tail feathers.

I had blogged about a woodpecker I saw perched on our mango tree.  First, I heard the tiny knocking on wood sound.  I searched for the sound and there I saw it, a reddish-orangey bird, the banded woodpecker.


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