The plague of the pigeons … and other birds


Our home in Kuching has become THE roosting nest in our neighbourhood.  It’s a funny thing, we don’t see other houses having this problem.  Birds keep flocking to ours … may it be pigeons, doves, sparrows and even bulbuls …

Some might think it’s a cool thing to have birds preferring to make nests at one’s home than others, but, on second thought, it’s really not hygienic when you consider there’s bird poop all over the place 😦

I believe there is a nest up there right now. I can hear baby birds chirping loudly whenever it’s mother is there.

We have tried hanging reflective items near the roof and on near the windows.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work.  I read somewhere, saying that this won’t work long term.  So it’s good if you could combine a few of the short term measures.

We hang old CDs near the roof. It is said that the pigeons do not fancy shiny objects.

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