Thanks for visiting my humble blog.

I am a working mother turned stay-at-home mom recently.  I worked as an IT consultant and had trouble getting a good trustworthy home helper.  That’s when I toyed with the idea to leave work and be there 24X7 to my 4 boys.

I am managing my two toddlers and twin babies on my own.  [update]  phew, that was a tough time.  Now, they’ve grown a little bit bigger, the challenges I face are a bit different. As like any parent, I wish to provide the quality of life to my boys.  [update 2015] The twins turned 3 and I started my little traditional kuihs and cakes business early 2013.  I started on making frozen doughnuts.  Then I moved on to supplying kuihs.  It’s a big adjustment.  I’m up when people are asleep and I nap in the afternoon and hit the sack earlier.  My popular kuihs are the lepats, pulut panggang, getuk ubi, getas, onde-onde or kuih melaka, begedil jagung (well, you don’t call it a kuih but the customers love this in the mornings), and apam senyum @ mekar.  My popular cakes are the rich chocolate moist cake, chocolate cake, orange cake, and banana cake.  Customers also love the pau goreng with red bean filling and my special flowery sausage bread.

I write whenever I can.  It was very difficult at first when I left work.  I was trying to adjust to the new environment; no more 9-5 job, no more sitting at the desk, no more interacting with clients and colleagues.  Just me and the kids … [update] yup, no breaks and no more holidays … huhu

Now, I think I’ve got the hang of things.  Still, there are difficult days as usual.   [update] I wished I had opened up to my girlfriends on how tough it had been on me, while going through the past 2 years.  It would have made me see that all is not bad … I would have taken in all with more strength and courage … I would have looked at my life more positively.  

I’ve been quite absent from my blog during the second half of 2010.  I hope this year 2011, I will be more active with my blog. [update]I’ve been away from my blog in 2011.  2012 is now almost over … I’m trying to start writing again.  They say, “writing for this blog would keep me sane”!  [update 2015]This is happening often eh .. hehehe … Ok, so I was away for a little over than 2 years.  I had no time to write … So, now I’m back and I’m determined to write and share my stories.

I hope you would like what I write here.  If there are any ideas or comments that you would like to add, do write to me.  I would love to hear from you.  Oh, and be kind 🙂

Enjoy your visit and thanks!



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