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Dinner at Bubba Gump


My hubby took us out for a special treat, a dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. at Sunway Pyramid.  It was our second visit to the restaurant, but the first visit was for lunch in Ramadhan, so only the 3 younger boys got to feast 🙂

This time mom, dad and big bro gets to taste the great food there 🙂

Ziyad and big bro, Zayan

Ziyad and Zayan



The twins and big bro, Zayed

The twins and big bro, Zayed

Zayan having a go at the activity sheet for kids

Zayan having a go at the activity sheet for kids

Aaaah ... Food has arrived

Aaaah … Food has arrived



Twins shared a burger and fries

Twins shared a burger and fries

Dad and Zayed

Dad and Zayed


Oh, this is the best dessert to close a lovely dinner :)

Oh, this is the best dessert to end a lovely dinner 🙂

This dessert has a huge chocolate chip cookie at the base of the pan, scoops of delicious vanilla ice-cream and topped off with butterscotch and chocolate drizzles.  Perfect!

A cute closing picture to a great night out ")

A cute closing picture to a great night out 🙂

More bird eggs


I planned to have this post up before I left for KL a little over a week ago.  I’ve been busy with cleaning the house and other what-nots and only found some free time to go through the photos I’ve taken when we were in Kuching.  Slowly, I’ll be writing about some of the things we’ve encountered or done while still there.

Last year, I blogged about finding a couple of bird eggs in my mum’s garden.

Well, this year, I came across another nest hidden in one of mum’s hanging yellow orchids.

The yellow orchids

The gorgeous teeny eggs

The eggs belonged to the couple of yellow-vested bulbuls  who frequent our yard.

The proud dad

A close-up of the bird (courtesy of CK Leong) – Thanks!

I hope the eggs would have hatched by now … I read that the eggs would need about 10 to 14 days to hatch.

Wildlife right at our doorstep …


Nowadays, we don’t see that many types of birds in our yard.  Before Chong Lin Park was developed, we had many winged visitors.  We used to have a little jungle right in front of our house; the same place where we picked paku and midin.  The birds are from there and when they feel like it, they’d come over for a stroll in the yard 😀

Here are some of the birds that I remember seeing …

White-breasted water hen (credits to – Thanks!)

The white-breasted water hen loves to lay eggs in the bushes i.e. lemongrass bush and the pandan bush.  Mum always stumble upon the nest. CK Leong of has more info about this water hen.  I haven’t seen one since I’ve been back the past month.

This bird has always been around – the yellow-vented bulbul.  I’m guessing the image below would be for a male.  I have seen a pair of these birds  a few times; one with the black crest and one without.  This morning, I saw the pair quite aggressive with a couple of common mynas.  Maybe they were protecting their nest.

Yellow-vented bulbul (courtesy of CK Leong at – Thanks!)

The spotted pigeon or, most probably, it’s the pink-necked green pigeon because of the distinct spotted neck is also a frequent visitor.  I just saw one this morning under the kitchen’s jasmine bush shaped like a topiary.

The pink-necked green pigeon (courtesy of – Thanks!)

The common myna (courtesy of – Thanks!)

Tree sparrow (credits to – Thanks!)

I’ve seen a yellow bird but I’m not sure if it’s the Iora.

Iora (credits to – Thanks!)

There was a great big reddish bird that I saw last year while I was doing the dishes  It was walking alongside the fencing near the kitchen window.  I took photos of it, but they were not clear and I didn’t have a proper camera.  I tried looking for an image of it on the net, but no success.  It had pretty large and long tail feathers.

I had blogged about a woodpecker I saw perched on our mango tree.  First, I heard the tiny knocking on wood sound.  I searched for the sound and there I saw it, a reddish-orangey bird, the banded woodpecker.


Two days ago, my sister-in-law, Haniza introduced me to a lady who runs a hair salon at home, somewhere in BDC, Kuching.

If I remember correctly, her name is Maggie.

Home-run business means low cost, thus cheaper rates!  Yeay!  With four kids, I could do away with cheaper haircuts 🙂

Haniza told me the lady was shocked at how I could take care of 4 boys on my own …. huhuhu … yeap, till today, whenever I think back  since I left my job to take care of the boys, I still can’t believe it … Bravo to me!! hehehehe …


Haircut day

An afternoon out in the yard


This afternoon we were out in the yard.  The boys had a lot of fun running around.  We took some pictures …

Ooops … he’s got the wrong shoe on the wrong foot

A clear view of the neighbour’s new wet kitchen. They had it built too close to the fencing, which is against the town council’s guideline. Who’s gonna tell? 😛

The attack of the mozzies …

He purposely closed his eyes 😦

A fine place to relax 🙂

Boat-making with Popo


Super heroes assemble!


Zayed had been continuously pestering me to make super hero masks for him and his brothers.  In the end, I couldn’t hold up and had to give in to the request.

Their requests:

I found examples here and here … which I could follow.  I made the templates and started drawing on construction paper and old cereal boxes …  The boys helped with the colouring.

Clearing books from home …


I’ve got some books that I wish to clear in our house here in Kuching.  Some are by renowned authors, some are bestsellers.  Some are in hardcovers, some paperbacks.

I’m in the midst of putting up details of the books at another blog, My Small Garage Sale.  Go have a look …

Here is a partial list:

  • Inception by W.A. Harbinson
  • Chromosome 6 by Robin Cook
  • Invasion by Robin Cook
  • A Song at Twilight by Bryan Forbes
  • Rose Madder by Stephen King
  • No Mercy by Colin Forbes
  • The Vorpal Blade by Colin Forbes
  • The Search for Maggie Ward by Andrew M. Greeley
  • Under the Freeze by George Bartram
  • A Novel:  The Raiders by Harold Robbins
  • Black Wind by Clive Cussler
  • The Key to Midnight by Dean Koontz
  • Strange Highways by Dean Koontz
  • Rivers of the Heart by Dean Koontz
  • The Millenium Project by Joseph Massucci
  • Whirlwind by James Clavell
  • All the Grey Cats by Craig Thomas
  • Red on White by Kit Denton
  • Walking after Midnight by Karen Robards
  • Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy
  • Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett
  • A Woman Involved by John Gordon Davis
  • Dreamland by Dale Brown
  • The Platinum Rule by Tony Alessandra & Michael O’Connor
  • Zen: A Way of Life by Christmas Humphreys

Swimming diapers


Yesterday, Azleen and I went to the Spring to buy swimming trunks for the twins.

I remembered finding one at Poppies.  I vaguely remember it was green with red dots and costs only RM10.00.  Pretty affordable, that one.

So, we went to Poppies with the twins.  I found the very same diaper and too bad it was the only one they had or left! 😦  We need two diapers but they only have one!

We hope other stores would have swimming diapers.  It’s rare for shops to carry swimming diapers for little ones as it’s very rare for babies to start swimming in Kuching.

After paying at Poppies (the diaper cost RM10.90), we headed to Parkson’s swimming gear section.  Nope, they don’t have any swimming diapers.  The sales assistant suggested we go check out a store on the Ground Floor.  And, off we went.  We asked the store lady whether they carry any swimming diapers and she said, “Yes, There’s one left”.  Erk! Azleen exclaimed, “One?!”, while I exclaimed, “And it’s PINK!”.  Azleen quickly went through the items on the hanger. Phew!  They have some more and they’re blue!  Thank god!  Hahahaha … imagine having one of the boys wearing pink.  We paid RM15.00 for the blue swimming diaper.  It’s original price was RM29.90.

Then, in the evening, we brought Zayan and the twins to the MBKS pool.  The twins looked so cute in their swimming diapers.  [Photos to follow soon]