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Breastmilk does cure …


I’m a believer in breastfeeding my babies.  With my first two boys, I wasn’t able to breastfeed for long.  It lasted 8 months with Zayed and 1 year and 1 month with Zayan.  With my twins, I’ve been breastfeeding for 1 year and a half month and still going.

Earlier, when I went back to work after having the twins, my babies would still fall sick.  I was quite disappointed as I knew that breastfeeding would keep the babies healthy.  Maybe I wasn’t breastfeeding them enough.  I wasn’t able to express much milk at work.  On average, I could get 2 to 4 bottles of 4oz feeding bottles; I’d fill them up to the brim if I could.  I guessed it could be because of the tight deadlines and stress at work.  That amount of milk is not enough for 2 babies!

Being a full-time mom, I could breastfeed my babies as much as I could.  They’re less likely to fall sick nowadays, except that 1 week of stomach flu that my boys caught.

I’d like to share a post by Trisha from  Her post, “Breastmilk cures”, tells of her home research on breastmilk as a remedy for cuts, sores, and bites.

Fenugreek improves milk supply


Sometime ago when I was still expecting, I came across a blog that promotes fenugreek capsules to improve breast milk supply.  I thought that this would be a valuable item to add to my ‘must-haves’ list after delivery.  If any of you moms are interested, you can check out her blog.  You can read about her fenugreek capsules here.

Fenugreek plant

Fenugreek seeds

For now, I am not experiencing low milk supply, though I will still keep these capsules in mind.  Who knows when the going gets tough at work, I’m sure my milk supply will be affected.

Although it helps with the milk supply, you would need to take precautions as what I read at article here.

My Brand New Breastpump


Last week, at the very last minute, hubby and I went out to buy a new breastpump set before I start work the next day.  We went to 2 stores and they were closed.  By 9.30pm, we reached Twins store located next to Centrepoint, Bandar Utama.  Luckily, they were open.

I chose the Spectra 3 breastpump.  In 2006, I tried using the so-called ancient industrial-like breastpump when I was admitted to the hospital for a minor surgery.  It was huge and heavy and it was placed on a trolley to move it about.  The cover was transparent that you can see the mechanicals moving when switched on.  I used it for 3 days and I was amazed with the amount of breast milk it could express, unlike the Medela pump that I had at home then.  And Spectra is somewhat similar to that breastpump.

Since then, I knew that I wanted to get the Spectra pump.  After my Medela pump breaks down, that is.

Spectra 3 breast pump (image taken from

So now, I have my Spectra pump and I just love it.  At work, I express milk every 2-3 hours (usually 2 hours) for 10-15 minutes on each breast.  On the first day, I manage to fill up six 5 oz.-bottles in less than 30 minutes.  Today, I don’t get that much milk out.  I guess it’s got to do with the amount of rest/sleep I get.  Since I started work, I don’t get the rest/sleep that I need and this has affected milk supply.  Last weekend, I was watching Kimora’s program and she just delivered a baby boy named Kenzo.  When she was expressing, she was rambling about being calm and meditation.  Now, I know that I need to be relaxed when expressing.  No wonder it’s quite difficult to get much of the milk out lately.