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Boat-making with Popo


Super heroes assemble!


Zayed had been continuously pestering me to make super hero masks for him and his brothers.  In the end, I couldn’t hold up and had to give in to the request.

Their requests:

I found examples here and here … which I could follow.  I made the templates and started drawing on construction paper and old cereal boxes …  The boys helped with the colouring.

Cool kids watch … it’s easy to make


This afternoon, Zayan was playing with an empty toilet roll.

Suddenly, he said, “Mummy, can you make me a watch?”

“What?  A watch?  Don’t be silly”, I said.

Then, I gave it a second thought.  I took out a pair of scissors and a black marker.  I cut up the roll and scribbled on it …

… and taadaa!  An instant kids watch …