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The plague of the pigeons … and other birds


Our home in Kuching has become THE roosting nest in our neighbourhood.  It’s a funny thing, we don’t see other houses having this problem.  Birds keep flocking to ours … may it be pigeons, doves, sparrows and even bulbuls …

Some might think it’s a cool thing to have birds preferring to make nests at one’s home than others, but, on second thought, it’s really not hygienic when you consider there’s bird poop all over the place 😦

I believe there is a nest up there right now. I can hear baby birds chirping loudly whenever it’s mother is there.

We have tried hanging reflective items near the roof and on near the windows.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work.  I read somewhere, saying that this won’t work long term.  So it’s good if you could combine a few of the short term measures.

We hang old CDs near the roof. It is said that the pigeons do not fancy shiny objects.

More bird eggs


I planned to have this post up before I left for KL a little over a week ago.  I’ve been busy with cleaning the house and other what-nots and only found some free time to go through the photos I’ve taken when we were in Kuching.  Slowly, I’ll be writing about some of the things we’ve encountered or done while still there.

Last year, I blogged about finding a couple of bird eggs in my mum’s garden.

Well, this year, I came across another nest hidden in one of mum’s hanging yellow orchids.

The yellow orchids

The gorgeous teeny eggs

The eggs belonged to the couple of yellow-vested bulbuls  who frequent our yard.

The proud dad

A close-up of the bird (courtesy of CK Leong) – Thanks!

I hope the eggs would have hatched by now … I read that the eggs would need about 10 to 14 days to hatch.

Wildlife right at our doorstep …


Nowadays, we don’t see that many types of birds in our yard.  Before Chong Lin Park was developed, we had many winged visitors.  We used to have a little jungle right in front of our house; the same place where we picked paku and midin.  The birds are from there and when they feel like it, they’d come over for a stroll in the yard 😀

Here are some of the birds that I remember seeing …

White-breasted water hen (credits to – Thanks!)

The white-breasted water hen loves to lay eggs in the bushes i.e. lemongrass bush and the pandan bush.  Mum always stumble upon the nest. CK Leong of has more info about this water hen.  I haven’t seen one since I’ve been back the past month.

This bird has always been around – the yellow-vented bulbul.  I’m guessing the image below would be for a male.  I have seen a pair of these birds  a few times; one with the black crest and one without.  This morning, I saw the pair quite aggressive with a couple of common mynas.  Maybe they were protecting their nest.

Yellow-vented bulbul (courtesy of CK Leong at – Thanks!)

The spotted pigeon or, most probably, it’s the pink-necked green pigeon because of the distinct spotted neck is also a frequent visitor.  I just saw one this morning under the kitchen’s jasmine bush shaped like a topiary.

The pink-necked green pigeon (courtesy of – Thanks!)

The common myna (courtesy of – Thanks!)

Tree sparrow (credits to – Thanks!)

I’ve seen a yellow bird but I’m not sure if it’s the Iora.

Iora (credits to – Thanks!)

There was a great big reddish bird that I saw last year while I was doing the dishes  It was walking alongside the fencing near the kitchen window.  I took photos of it, but they were not clear and I didn’t have a proper camera.  I tried looking for an image of it on the net, but no success.  It had pretty large and long tail feathers.

I had blogged about a woodpecker I saw perched on our mango tree.  First, I heard the tiny knocking on wood sound.  I searched for the sound and there I saw it, a reddish-orangey bird, the banded woodpecker.

An afternoon out in the yard


This afternoon we were out in the yard.  The boys had a lot of fun running around.  We took some pictures …

Ooops … he’s got the wrong shoe on the wrong foot

A clear view of the neighbour’s new wet kitchen. They had it built too close to the fencing, which is against the town council’s guideline. Who’s gonna tell? 😛

The attack of the mozzies …

He purposely closed his eyes 😦

A fine place to relax 🙂



I saw a woodpecker in our backyard!  I usually would ignore the birds and let them do their usual thing.

But this particular bird attracted my attention.  It was pecking on the trunk of the mango tree.  I was thinking, “this is not the birds we usually see everyday.  it must be a woodpecker.”  Sure enough it was.  It kept on pecking on the tree.  Then, I think it realized that there was a watcher nearby.  It hopped up to the top.

The woodpecker head was red and so was its wings.  It had a distinct crest.  I googled and found a nice clear picture of the bird … the “banded woodpecker” (Picus miniaceus) …

Courtesy of

We have baby birds!


Yes, the eggs have hatched! I noticed yesterday the mama bird flew to the nest with some food hanging from its beak. It was feeding the babies.

I’ve captured a picture of the tiny babies.  They look so delicate … I wonder how long it would be till they open their eyes and start chirping like what we would see on tv 😛

*updated with photo 14 April 2011

A bird nest


I’ve been trying to extract pictures out of my phone camera to the computer so I can upload new posts to this blog.  Finally, I could do it.  Otherwise, I can only get the images from the additional memory card in the phone.  This afternoon, I could access the phone storage.  Hooray!

So on with my post for today …

Last week, as I was looking out of the kitchen window, I noticed a small brown bird was hiding within a pot of orchids that my mom had planted years ago.

I kept watching.  Then, I got thinking.  There is a reason why this bird is in that pot for a long time.

After the bird left, I went out to take a look.  The pot is hung rather high and I couldn’t look inside.  So, I got my phone camera and took a picture.  True enough, there are two little eggs lying inside a nest!

Wow … this is a first for me.  Usually, when I found a nest around the house, they have been abandoned.  No eggs …

Anyway, what I wanted to say is although this home is smack in the city centre, it’s still really close to nature.  For instance, when we first arrived in January, I noticed a family of wild birds are living among the bushes of lemongrass and another plant, which the leaves are used for women’s confinement. Two adult birds with their 4 hatchlings.  The little ones are black all over.  This reminds me of the ugly duckling that grew into a swan story 🙂  Now, the hatchlings have grown to young birds like their parents.

Back to the two eggs in the nest.  I can’t wait to see the eggs hatch.  Once they hatch, I hope the mother bird won’t mind if I take a picture of the hatchlings.