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Where to find BPA free bottles?


With the ban on BPA feeding bottles announced yesterday, I am sure many parents would be hunting for BPA free bottles for their babies/infants. I googled and found this excellent blog by Trisha,  She has presented a list (cheat sheet as she calls it) of BPA free bottles and sippy cups.  See here.

Ban on non-BPA-free feeding bottles


Tonight’s evening news headlines highlighted that the Malaysian government will ban feeding bottles that are not BPA-free by March 2012.

I googled online and found an article by The Malaysian Insider (it’s the first to publish online).

Hmm … I wonder why wait a year?  A year is too long if you’re thinking of the safety of the little ones who are drinking from these bottles.


So, which plastics contain BPA?

According to Wikipedia, we should look at the identification code found at the bottom of the plastic container/bottle.

“In general, plastics that are marked with recycle codes 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 are very unlikely to contain BPA. Some, but not all, plastics that are marked with recycle codes 3 or 7 may be made with BPA.”

Some type 7 plastics may leak bisphenol A
Type 3 plastics may leak bisphenol A
p/s:  I’ve added a post where you could find the BPA free bottles and sippy cup.  See here.

Babies progress differently


Ziyan has started turning over … Yeay!  It’s been a few days and he loves to be on his tummy 🙂

Ziyad learned to turn over about a month ago.  Now, when you put him down, he turns in an jiffy.  He can now move forward.  His legs are stronger and starts pushing himself forward.  You can see his buttocks will go up and up … then down.  Up and up and down.  Hehehe … cute!  Ziyad start crawling soon.

*sigh*  My babies are growing very fast and I’m not there to watch every moment of it 😦

Babies were admitted to the PAED ward ..


Last week, Ziyan was not well.  He was having yo-yo fever.  So we took him to the clinic.  The doctor said he also has mild tonsillitis.  For the next 3 days, Ziyan had high fever in the wee hours of the morning and we gave him the “SUP”.  Heck, I don’t know what’s it called in full 😛 It’s the tablet  that is inserted to bring down the temperature.

Then, his temperature went up again Sunday evening and that’s when we took him back to the clinic.  The doctor advised that we take Ziyan to the hospital as there’s nothing more that he can do.  For a baby to be sick for more than 3 days, it shows that something’s not right.  Doctor also advised that we take Ziyad as well since they’re twins.

We went home and I started packing, expecting a few days stay at the hospital.  We sponged Ziyan to bring his temperature down.  A couple of hours later, we were at the ER.  Many patients were children having high fever.  A sign that it’s the season where kids fall sick.  We had to wait an hour before the nurse called the babies’ name.  She checked the stats.  It was then again about an hour or so before the dr saw us.  They did a urine test for Ziyan.  The results would be out in about an hour.  Yeah … we were there for hours 😦

Anyway, the urine test showed that Ziyan’s white blood count was ultra high and he was having a viral infection.  So, both babies were admitted that morning.  It took ages for the insurance to give confirmation before we could get our room.  The room was 256 with 2 beds.  It was kinda nice as we had two of everything 😛

Oh yeah .. the doctor on duty was Dr. Benny Wan.  The doctor on call was Dr. Sanjay Woodhull.

I’ll be working this weekend …


Yesterday, we had the project status update meeting with our customer.  Their infra team has to refresh the staging environment for the UAT next week.  They will only refresh at off-peak hours, so that means they’ll only start at 6:00pm today.  It would take them at least 9 hours and their asking to give them till Saturday morning.  Well, that means we’ve to get in for work by noon.

With that, I’m thinking who’ll take care of the babies.  Hubby can look after the 2 older boys.  He might take them out somewhere.  He might just take them to Empire Gallery as the boys love to go there.  They’ve been going there with their Ty-Yan (Aunty Yan) and Neng (grandma), which I guess could be every week when I’m at work.

I guess I’ll bring the babies to work if I have to.  I do not want my mother-in-law to take care of them this weekend.  She’s been taking care of them during weekdays.  She needs her break.  Well, this is an option.  I still need to think about it.

Ok .. I gotta start work.  It’s critical time!  Haha … I’m exhausted 😦

She’s one CRAZY, SICK, OUTTA-her-mind maid!!


I received very sad news.  A very close friend of mine found out that her maid has been treating her baby daughter very bad … really inhumane!  Her baby was born 5 days before my twins were born.  Imagine she’s not even 4 months during this terrible ordeal.  I cannot imagine how someone would do all this to a baby …

Imagine this …

  • The maid would throw the baby on the couch
  • The maid would lift her by her hand
  • The maid would cover her (top to toe) with a pillow to make her sleep
  • The maid would shake her to sleep

My friend has shared a couple of videos with us, her friends and acquaintances.  She couldn’t share anymore as she couldn’t get herself to watch the recordings.  She wants to forget what happened and move on …

You can watch them here and here.

I hope I’m helping in some way by sharing this ordeal with whoever I can reach.  To parents out there … install cctv at home!  it’s the best you can do if you opt to have a live-in maid and leave the kids with her day-in, day-out while you’re at work.

Introducing the twins


It’s about time I introduce to you my lovely twin boys …

They were born on the morning of 22 February 2010 via C-section at Sime Darby medical Centre.  It was a Monday.  Ziyad Izzan Shah arrived at 9.18am, weighing at 3.2 kg.  Irza Ziyan Shah arrived a minute later, weighing at 2.7 kg.

Picture taken on their 1st day

This is a close-up shot of Ziyad …


This is a close-up shot of Ziyan …


1st day at work


Yesterday was my first day back @ work.  It went OK.  The team was conducting SIT for the second application we were working on before I left for my loong leave.

My mind was half focusing on the session and the other half on my babies at home.  Last month, my colleague’s 3-month old baby passed on.  I saw him yesterday and asked how he and his wife are coping with the loss.  When asked how it happened, he explained that the doctors discovered she had early pneumonia. It is said that pneumonia is common in babies.  That day she was at the nursery as any other normal day.  She choked and that’s how it started.  The nursery called them and the baby was immediately taken to the hospital.  By evening, she was gone.  I couldn’t imagine how they feel, especially the wife.  She must have been utterly devastated.  It’s heart-wrenching for me to even hear this loss.

After reading some articles on “pneumonia and babies”, I have the urge to take the babies to Dr. Lee, the well-known paediatrician at Sime Darby Medical Centre.  Seeing him puts me at ease unlike other doctors.

Here are some babies and pneumonia articles I found at: