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A quick stroll down memory lane …


Hi …

I grab this chance to write something after such a long time.  I don’t remember what took me back to early primary school time.  My mind started to wander about the school, my teachers, my headmistress, and my friends.

I went to St. James’ and St. Michael’s school and the headmistress was Mrs. Bowie.  I remember my year 1 (Pluto) teacher was Miss Benson and my year 2 (Earth) teacher was Miss Kate Hall.  I wonder how they are now.  They might be in their 60s, maybe 70s.

I can place names to only a few of my friends.  There was Muna, Nihawra, Johnathan, Giles … I remember Johnathan clearly because his mom was our music teacher and I learned the violin.

My dad would take me to school every morning and I walked  home with my friends in the evenings.  The things that my friends and I did … hahaha … I remembered there was this new chinese girl in school, a junior.  We were in year 1.  My friends said the girl and I look so alike, we could be sisters.  One day, as we were walking home, we spotted her and her dad ahead of us.  Someone gave an idea to follow them and see where they lived.  Their flat was just a block or two away.  We even peeked which apartment they were staying in because they had to press the bell and someone opened the door for them.

I don’t remember when, but one day, we decided to visit the chinese girl.  I guess it was because we hadn’t seen her in school for quite some time.  So, after school,  we walked over to her place and rang the bell.  Someone answered and we said we were the girl’s friends (I can’t remember her name …).  Her parent let us in and we walked up to the apartment.  I can remember the surprise her parents had on their faces!  hahaha … they must be thinking we really had guts to come visit on our own.

*sigh* those were the times eh 😛

Beach boys


These beautiful pictures are compliments from Azleen & Zaheer.  They are taken on the same afternoon we went to the beach (see earlier post).

This my personal favorite and it is a rare occasion where I am in a picture with all my boys 🙂

Ziyad is with Ain, Azleen's good friend

My one and only baby who has 3 teeth below (since he was 8 months old). His brothers all have/had 2 at this age.

Ziyan doesn't fancy the sand ... and the water

Ziyad is very keen with the sand and water. He even ate sand!

Thanks, Heer and Azleen! 🙂  We had a blast!

An afternoon at the beach


My brother and his fiancée took the kids and me to the beach one afternoon.  We went to Damai Beach Resort as its beach is open to the public.

The older boys had real fun.  I was happy and so were the twins.

We arrived at almost 5 pm.  We caught by surprise when we saw that there were many cars and we saw 2 ITM buses.  Erk!!

Walking by the pool towards the beach …

We got our places facing the sea …

Baby Ziyan

Baby Ziyad



Down at the beach …

Zayed is practising writing his name … in capital letters …

… and in small letters …

Zayan too is having a go at writing his name 🙂

Back to playing …

Zayed taking a ‘half’ dip … Zayan wasn’t brave enough to join in …

The kids were hungry in the end and eating snacks ..

Hey, it’s Zayan!


I found some pictures of Zayan on an old memory card.  I guess he could be a little over a year old.

These pictures must be taken on a Saturday.  I believe it’s just me and him at home … Oh, yeah, Zayed too.  I guess he was still asleep.

This one was taken at McDonald’s. I remember the baby chair can only be found at McD.  Zayan is wearing a toy monkey with harness.

Oh … this one is cute!  Zayan is wearing a helmet and is riding a police car that his Atoq bought for him.  The car is still around at Atoq’s house.

Now that I have Zayan’s pictures up, I should have some of Zayed’s pictures up as well.  Yep, that’s my next task 🙂