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It’s Moving Day!


Yup, it’s Moving Day!

I’m up.  The kids aren’t yet.  Dad is no where to be found though.  I don’t think he came home to sleep.  He must be sleeping at the new place.

The movers will be here at around 11, so I need to make sure the furnitures are ready to be taken.

By the way, Zayan’s condition  has improved.  Zayed started wheezing yesterday, so he’s now on the nebulizer.

Ok, I gtg.  Time for some action!  I’ll catch up later …

Planning for a home trip


A home trip back to Kuching is in the works …

Below is a picture of Kuching taken from

Kuching - along the river

Kuching - along the river

Originally the plan is to visit my grandma back in Balingian for a few days.  But I need to see how it goes.

My home trip this time is going to be for some time.  Maybe a month or so, the fastest.  Maybe will stay there longer.  It’ll be a good time for the kids to get to know my mom better.  The last time they saw her was earlier this year and that was only for a couple of weeks.  I’m sure she’ll be happy to have the grandkids around her 🙂

Raya songs …


The Raya mood has started to sink in … I’m listening to Raya songs at work.  I found some collections from the net.  Credits to Dream Entertainment Networkz (  I hope you will all enjoy the songs as I do 🙂

Salam Raya from me …

Related Party Transactions


The past couple of days, I learned a new term – Related Party Transactions (RPT).  It’s part of regulatory bodies exercise on getting companies to practice corporate transparency and proper compliance.

What’s RPT all about?

RPT is a transaction that involves transfer of resources, services or obligations between two related parties.  The transaction may involve monies.  Related party can mean a major shareholder or a person connected with a director or major shareholder in that company.

Examples of transactions could be:

  • purchase or sales of goods
  • rendering or receiving services
  • transfer of research and development
  • settlement of liabilities

The reason why this is regulated is to protect the interest of all shareholders and that the directors maintain their duty of good faith and act in the best interest of the company.