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A failed hot air balloon?


Tune Talk attempted to inflate a custom hot air balloon at a huge community park in my neighbourhood.

At first, I heard a loud whirring sound.  I didn’t think much of it, but was curious though.  The sound carried on for some time.

Then, when I went out to hang the laundry, there I saw the source of the sound.  The park is quite a distance away.  It’s amazing that you could hear the hot air filling up the balloon from my house.




The balloon got higher and higher above the rooftops.  I could see that they were having problems inflating the balloon.  Whenever they stopped filling the balloon, the balloon goes down and deflates.  Then, they tried filling it up again and stopped.  Again, the balloon deflates.  Well, they gave it another try after that.

The next morning, they made a second attempt.  Still, the balloon failed to fly …

Come to think of it.  I wonder how much the balloon cost and that’s what went down the drain.  Hmm ..