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Happiest news so far!


Yesterday, I visited my gynae the first time for this pregnancy to ask about Hep B shots and H1N1 vaccination.  It turned out I had a shock of my life!  The baby that hubby and I saw at previous scans turned out to be twins!

Twins?  How could that be possible?  We both do not have family history on twins.  So the chances for us to have twins is almost impossible.

Then, I remembered I had once wished to have twins.  My first two kids are boys and I’ve been wishing for a girl since I was expecting the first time.  Knowing that I only have another chance to carry a baby, I seeked my doctor’s opinion on artificially making twins.  She advised against it, explaining that it would be too risky.  I might lose 1 or both the fetuses.  Plus, she explained that she wouldn’t want to be my gynae for that pregnancy.

I trust my doctor and wouldn’t want to seek another.  So, I erased that particular wish from my mind.  Having another child is what I want, regardless of whether it’s a boy or girl.

So now … having twins is a bonus for us 🙂  and we got a double whammie when the doctor found one of the babies is a girl.

Ok, so back to the shots and vaccination.

  • I don’t have to take my Hep B shots now, only after the delivery.
  • I don’t have to take the H1N1 vaccination because it won’t guarantee that I will be safe from H1N1.

I’m advised to avoid crowded areas, wear a mask at all times, and keep hygiene.  I can get H1N1 if I have direct contact with people who coughed or sneezed.  Other than that the babies and I should be fine 🙂