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My brother’s wedding studio photos


I’m uploading a few of my brother’s and his wife’s studio wedding photos …  Taken by Hollywood Bridal Studio, near our house in Kuching.  I love the shots!  Very creative indeed 🙂

heer n niza studio photo 1 heer n niza studio photo 2 heer n niza studio photo 3


My brother’s wedding photos


After a long wait, here are some of the wedding photos.  The nikah ceremony took place on November 4, 2012 at the Kuching Islamic Information Centre.


The beautiful couple

The beautiful couple


A photo session with family members from KL, Kuching, Mukah, Balingian and Perth

A photo session with family members from KL, Kuching, Mukah, Balingian and Perth


I will upload some more later … I discovered that when I insert photo links from facebook, the pictures wouldn’t show.  I’ve opted to upload the photos one by one.   I’d need more time to upload the rest.

The plague of the pigeons … and other birds


Our home in Kuching has become THE roosting nest in our neighbourhood.  It’s a funny thing, we don’t see other houses having this problem.  Birds keep flocking to ours … may it be pigeons, doves, sparrows and even bulbuls …

Some might think it’s a cool thing to have birds preferring to make nests at one’s home than others, but, on second thought, it’s really not hygienic when you consider there’s bird poop all over the place 😦

I believe there is a nest up there right now. I can hear baby birds chirping loudly whenever it’s mother is there.

We have tried hanging reflective items near the roof and on near the windows.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work.  I read somewhere, saying that this won’t work long term.  So it’s good if you could combine a few of the short term measures.

We hang old CDs near the roof. It is said that the pigeons do not fancy shiny objects.

More bird eggs


I planned to have this post up before I left for KL a little over a week ago.  I’ve been busy with cleaning the house and other what-nots and only found some free time to go through the photos I’ve taken when we were in Kuching.  Slowly, I’ll be writing about some of the things we’ve encountered or done while still there.

Last year, I blogged about finding a couple of bird eggs in my mum’s garden.

Well, this year, I came across another nest hidden in one of mum’s hanging yellow orchids.

The yellow orchids

The gorgeous teeny eggs

The eggs belonged to the couple of yellow-vested bulbuls  who frequent our yard.

The proud dad

A close-up of the bird (courtesy of CK Leong) – Thanks!

I hope the eggs would have hatched by now … I read that the eggs would need about 10 to 14 days to hatch.


Before we came to Kuching almost a month ago, Zayan was sad and had been crying.  He didn’t want to go.

“Mummy, I don’t want to leave Daddy alone.”

“Who’d look after you?”

“Daddy will”

“Daddy needs to go to work.  How will Daddy look after you?”

“You have to come with us, Zayan.  Mummy will look after you.”

Zayan was silent …

“How long will we be in Kuching?”

“A month”.

“What’s a month?”

“Thirty days.”

“Auww … That’s long!”

And … just the other day …

“Mummy, when are we going home?”

“Soon.  Next week.”



“How long is that?”

“”About ten days.”

“Auww … Ten days??  That’s a long time away.”

Zayan was silent … Then, “Mummy, you were right.”

“I’m right about what?”

“1 month isn’t long.  We’re going home to Daddy soon.”

And … every day since, we have been counting down to the day we’d be leaving on the plane  🙂


This is Zayan, Daddy’s boy …


We’re going home soon

An afternoon out in the yard


This afternoon we were out in the yard.  The boys had a lot of fun running around.  We took some pictures …

Ooops … he’s got the wrong shoe on the wrong foot

A clear view of the neighbour’s new wet kitchen. They had it built too close to the fencing, which is against the town council’s guideline. Who’s gonna tell? 😛

The attack of the mozzies …

He purposely closed his eyes 😦

A fine place to relax 🙂

R.I.P – Hyper Kawi


Our beloved cat, Hyper has gone to cat heaven early yesterday morning.  He was 20 years old.  In cat years, that’s 96 years old.

I adopted Hyper and another kitty, Tyger, from a senior student when I was in Kansas City.  Tyger was a year younger than Hyper.  They were the best team!

Hyper was always elegant … and sometimes arrogant, but we love him all the same 🙂

I believe he had a good life and I know he got lonely 3 years earlier when his sidekick left.

I am going to miss you, Hyper … 😦  I will cherish the times we had together (and you too, Tyger).

P/S:  I’m glad you are in cat heaven now.  I couldn’t bear seeing you so weak.  I’m amazed that you have a long life with us … Thank you …  I know you are in a better place with Tyger and friends.


My godmother gave this to me before she left for home.

My Aunt Betty is my godmother.  She was here for 3 months with her husband, Uncle Thurstan.  Now they’re back in Perth, till next year when they make another trip to Kuching somewhere mid of the year.

A book gift from my godmother

Clearing books from home …


I’ve got some books that I wish to clear in our house here in Kuching.  Some are by renowned authors, some are bestsellers.  Some are in hardcovers, some paperbacks.

I’m in the midst of putting up details of the books at another blog, My Small Garage Sale.  Go have a look …

Here is a partial list:

  • Inception by W.A. Harbinson
  • Chromosome 6 by Robin Cook
  • Invasion by Robin Cook
  • A Song at Twilight by Bryan Forbes
  • Rose Madder by Stephen King
  • No Mercy by Colin Forbes
  • The Vorpal Blade by Colin Forbes
  • The Search for Maggie Ward by Andrew M. Greeley
  • Under the Freeze by George Bartram
  • A Novel:  The Raiders by Harold Robbins
  • Black Wind by Clive Cussler
  • The Key to Midnight by Dean Koontz
  • Strange Highways by Dean Koontz
  • Rivers of the Heart by Dean Koontz
  • The Millenium Project by Joseph Massucci
  • Whirlwind by James Clavell
  • All the Grey Cats by Craig Thomas
  • Red on White by Kit Denton
  • Walking after Midnight by Karen Robards
  • Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy
  • Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett
  • A Woman Involved by John Gordon Davis
  • Dreamland by Dale Brown
  • The Platinum Rule by Tony Alessandra & Michael O’Connor
  • Zen: A Way of Life by Christmas Humphreys