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Large crowds at SDMC to see Virgin Mary?


My hubby called on my mobile yesterday …

Hubby:  Honey, I failed to mention that … someone saw Virgin Mary at SJMC.

Me:  Huh?  What did you say?

Hubby:  Virgin Mary … at SJMC

Me:  Virgin Mary?  She’s at SJMC??  What do you mean?

Yeap … I didn’t believe what I heard.  So I googled and to my surprise, there she is.

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Introducing the twins


It’s about time I introduce to you my lovely twin boys …

They were born on the morning of 22 February 2010 via C-section at Sime Darby medical Centre.  It was a Monday.  Ziyad Izzan Shah arrived at 9.18am, weighing at 3.2 kg.  Irza Ziyan Shah arrived a minute later, weighing at 2.7 kg.

Picture taken on their 1st day

This is a close-up shot of Ziyad …


This is a close-up shot of Ziyan …