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I’m home in Kuching …


Yeah … I’m back to Kuching with the kids for a long holiday.

My blog has been very quiet the past few months.  I’ve been really occupied at home, taking care of my 4 kids.  They are a handful.

Oh before I continue, I’d like to wish a very wonderful Chinese New Year to family and friends.  It’s the Year of the Rabbit.  I wish that you would be granted with good health, more wealth, and abundance of blessings this coming year.  I’m happy to spend New Year Eve dinner with my mom and brother.  It’s been many years since I last came back for CNY.

2011 Year of the Rabbit (taken from theholidayspot.com)

My two older boys are now in kindergarten.  This relieves me a bit in the mornings where it’s just the twins and me.  They go to Seri Keria Kindergarten, whose principal is Ms. Tania Bugo.

So far, I have not been to the kindie.  I wish I could.  It’s just not possible with the twins.  I can imagine if I were to go with the twins, my two boys would come to tears when they see me leave. *sigh* my poor boys …

I’ve started sending the boys for swimming lessons with my brother, Zaheer Zakaria and his fiancee, Azleen Nuria.  Unfortunately, Zayed is afraid of the pool.  So, we let Zayan start off first.  It’s been two weeks and he can swim with the board in the adult pool.  I heard he’s done two laps!  Bravo, Zayan!  He’s a fast learner.  Both his instructors are proud 🙂  They have a swimming club with a cool name … Catfish Swimming Club.

Ok … I have to go.  The twins will be awake soon.  I need to do some things before they wake up.  I’ll be back soon.  I can’t wait to start blogging again 🙂  See ya!