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Dinner at Bubba Gump


My hubby took us out for a special treat, a dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. at Sunway Pyramid.  It was our second visit to the restaurant, but the first visit was for lunch in Ramadhan, so only the 3 younger boys got to feast 🙂

This time mom, dad and big bro gets to taste the great food there 🙂

Ziyad and big bro, Zayan

Ziyad and Zayan



The twins and big bro, Zayed

The twins and big bro, Zayed

Zayan having a go at the activity sheet for kids

Zayan having a go at the activity sheet for kids

Aaaah ... Food has arrived

Aaaah … Food has arrived



Twins shared a burger and fries

Twins shared a burger and fries

Dad and Zayed

Dad and Zayed


Oh, this is the best dessert to close a lovely dinner :)

Oh, this is the best dessert to end a lovely dinner 🙂

This dessert has a huge chocolate chip cookie at the base of the pan, scoops of delicious vanilla ice-cream and topped off with butterscotch and chocolate drizzles.  Perfect!

A cute closing picture to a great night out ")

A cute closing picture to a great night out 🙂

Babies were admitted to the PAED ward ..


Last week, Ziyan was not well.  He was having yo-yo fever.  So we took him to the clinic.  The doctor said he also has mild tonsillitis.  For the next 3 days, Ziyan had high fever in the wee hours of the morning and we gave him the “SUP”.  Heck, I don’t know what’s it called in full 😛 It’s the tablet  that is inserted to bring down the temperature.

Then, his temperature went up again Sunday evening and that’s when we took him back to the clinic.  The doctor advised that we take Ziyan to the hospital as there’s nothing more that he can do.  For a baby to be sick for more than 3 days, it shows that something’s not right.  Doctor also advised that we take Ziyad as well since they’re twins.

We went home and I started packing, expecting a few days stay at the hospital.  We sponged Ziyan to bring his temperature down.  A couple of hours later, we were at the ER.  Many patients were children having high fever.  A sign that it’s the season where kids fall sick.  We had to wait an hour before the nurse called the babies’ name.  She checked the stats.  It was then again about an hour or so before the dr saw us.  They did a urine test for Ziyan.  The results would be out in about an hour.  Yeah … we were there for hours 😦

Anyway, the urine test showed that Ziyan’s white blood count was ultra high and he was having a viral infection.  So, both babies were admitted that morning.  It took ages for the insurance to give confirmation before we could get our room.  The room was 256 with 2 beds.  It was kinda nice as we had two of everything 😛

Oh yeah .. the doctor on duty was Dr. Benny Wan.  The doctor on call was Dr. Sanjay Woodhull.

Sick …


I’ve fallen sick on Friday and still have not recovered today 😦

The stress at work and coming home to two babies (who wake me up several times during the night) and two toddlers (who are constantly trying to get your attention) are really taking its toll.  Hubby has been “knocked out” quite frequent with his high blood pressure (diagnosed three months ago).  It’s really a good thing that we have a helper at home to help with the domestic chores and take care of the toddlers when I’m at work.  My mother-in-law takes care of the babies on weekdays.

I was sick a few weeks ago and I had to stop breastfeeding the babies for a week because of the medications that I was taking.  Now I’m sick again and I asked the doctor to only prescribe mild medications as I do not want to stop breastfeeding the babies again.

I do not know if I can carry on working at this rate.  I just don’t know 😦  All I know is to keep this family, we need two incomes and that’s that.

Introducing the twins


It’s about time I introduce to you my lovely twin boys …

They were born on the morning of 22 February 2010 via C-section at Sime Darby medical Centre.  It was a Monday.  Ziyad Izzan Shah arrived at 9.18am, weighing at 3.2 kg.  Irza Ziyan Shah arrived a minute later, weighing at 2.7 kg.

Picture taken on their 1st day

This is a close-up shot of Ziyad …


This is a close-up shot of Ziyan …


Towards the end …


Though this is my third pregnancy, it’s not easy carrying twins.  You’re heavier, bigger, aching and swollen all over.  My feet and hands are so swollen that it’s difficult to grip.  I would need to use both hands to squeeze out stretch mark lotion from the bottle!

Throughout the day, my arms and legs feel numb from time to time 😦

I no longer feel comfortable sleeping on my sides.  I’ll be tossing and turning non-stop throughout the night.  I find it very difficult to get out of bed.  If possible, I wish I have an armchair to sleep in that’s sturdy and with lots of pillows.  It’ll be much more comfortable than a bed.

The maternity belt that I’ve been using doesn’t seem to help much nowadays.  The belt almost doesn’t fit me now.  hehehe …  Yeah, I’m really huge now.

I try to rest as much as possible.  But it’s quite difficult to do so when you have two toddlers who are so attached to you.  [Come to think of it, by the time the twins are born, I have four kids all under 4 years old!]

I still think about work.  Good thing that my company’s management is considerate to let me work from home.  I’ve been working at home for a few weeks and stopped working starting this week.

So, three days to go … how do I feel?  A nervous wreck!  People say third time should be easy.  Well, not if you’re having twins for the first time and you’re not sure what to expect when they’ve come out 🙂

Time to take a rest.  I’ve been sick the past few days and the kids caught the cold from me.  Today is the fourth day Zayan is on the nebulizer.  We’ve got a loan unit from the clinic as the doctor hasn’t seen much improvement the first three days.  Today, Zayan needs a session every four hours.  By evening, Zayan needs to see the doctor to check on his progress.  Wish us the best!

The t.w.i.n.s are boys


I’m back to work today.  I took leave yesterday for my monthly checkup.

On my last visit, I found Dr. Siti keeping her hair long.  She’s keeping it long to look younger, she said.  Hehehe …  All these years, she’s been having short hair.  On this visit, Dr. Siti had her hair curled and she does look prettier and YOUNGER!

I was alone.  Hubby had a 3pm appointment and couldn’t make it.

Dr. Siti did the ultra sound and told me that the babies are ok.  No anomaly found.  Both babies’ weight are in the 500 gm range.  By now, the babies are in their 22nd week.

Then she asked whether I’d like to know the sex.  Both are boys.  Oh my god, boys!  I was quite disappointed, but I knew my mother-in-law would be.  She’s been wanting to have a granddaughter for ages.  With the twins, she’s got 7 grandsons.  Oh well, just not my luck/rezeki.  I won’t be having any more babies after this.  I’ve decided to close shop.  Maybe later, a few years later, if I’m still yearning for a daughter, I will adopt one.  A baby girl.  Yup, I guess that’s what I’ll do.  It’s alright for me to take another’s baby and call it my own.

Dr. Siti also prescribed Calcium Caltrate which replaces the Calcium Lactate.  With Calcium Lactate, I need to take 2 tablets.  With Calcium Caltrate, I would only need to take 1 tablet.  It comes with Vitamin D for easier absorption.

My expected due date is mid of March.  We discussed on having the delivery by the 3rd week of February.  That’s about 37th week.  This is to avoid from rupture.  She also explained that I would need to take an injection by 32 week to mature the babies’ lungs.

Earlier on, hubby and I discussed to have the delivery done on special dates in relation to the number 8.  I’m born on the 8th.  He’s born on the 17th.  1 plus 7 equals 8.  Our two boys are also born on the 17th.  We thought of setting the delivery date to 26th of February.  Now, if Dr. Siti says that it should be within the 3rd week of February, then that would most probably be 17th instead of the 26th.  In short, I will be the odd one in the family: the only female and the only one born on the 8th.  hahahaha …

Well, that’s all for now.  Au revoir!




Happiest news so far!


Yesterday, I visited my gynae the first time for this pregnancy to ask about Hep B shots and H1N1 vaccination.  It turned out I had a shock of my life!  The baby that hubby and I saw at previous scans turned out to be twins!

Twins?  How could that be possible?  We both do not have family history on twins.  So the chances for us to have twins is almost impossible.

Then, I remembered I had once wished to have twins.  My first two kids are boys and I’ve been wishing for a girl since I was expecting the first time.  Knowing that I only have another chance to carry a baby, I seeked my doctor’s opinion on artificially making twins.  She advised against it, explaining that it would be too risky.  I might lose 1 or both the fetuses.  Plus, she explained that she wouldn’t want to be my gynae for that pregnancy.

I trust my doctor and wouldn’t want to seek another.  So, I erased that particular wish from my mind.  Having another child is what I want, regardless of whether it’s a boy or girl.

So now … having twins is a bonus for us 🙂  and we got a double whammie when the doctor found one of the babies is a girl.

Ok, so back to the shots and vaccination.

  • I don’t have to take my Hep B shots now, only after the delivery.
  • I don’t have to take the H1N1 vaccination because it won’t guarantee that I will be safe from H1N1.

I’m advised to avoid crowded areas, wear a mask at all times, and keep hygiene.  I can get H1N1 if I have direct contact with people who coughed or sneezed.  Other than that the babies and I should be fine 🙂