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First day of school


It’s now February and this post is way overdue.

I’m couldn’t believe that Zayed is now in Primary One.  Sigh … boy, is he growing fast.

Zayan is going the preschool in the same school.  He hasn’t got his custom uniform yet.  It arrived mid of January.


The cousins: Zayed, Zareeq, and Zayan; all going to the same school


Taking a time-out after running here and there, up and down …

Dinner at Bubba Gump


My hubby took us out for a special treat, a dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. at Sunway Pyramid.  It was our second visit to the restaurant, but the first visit was for lunch in Ramadhan, so only the 3 younger boys got to feast 🙂

This time mom, dad and big bro gets to taste the great food there 🙂

Ziyad and big bro, Zayan

Ziyad and Zayan



The twins and big bro, Zayed

The twins and big bro, Zayed

Zayan having a go at the activity sheet for kids

Zayan having a go at the activity sheet for kids

Aaaah ... Food has arrived

Aaaah … Food has arrived



Twins shared a burger and fries

Twins shared a burger and fries

Dad and Zayed

Dad and Zayed


Oh, this is the best dessert to close a lovely dinner :)

Oh, this is the best dessert to end a lovely dinner 🙂

This dessert has a huge chocolate chip cookie at the base of the pan, scoops of delicious vanilla ice-cream and topped off with butterscotch and chocolate drizzles.  Perfect!

A cute closing picture to a great night out ")

A cute closing picture to a great night out 🙂


Before we came to Kuching almost a month ago, Zayan was sad and had been crying.  He didn’t want to go.

“Mummy, I don’t want to leave Daddy alone.”

“Who’d look after you?”

“Daddy will”

“Daddy needs to go to work.  How will Daddy look after you?”

“You have to come with us, Zayan.  Mummy will look after you.”

Zayan was silent …

“How long will we be in Kuching?”

“A month”.

“What’s a month?”

“Thirty days.”

“Auww … That’s long!”

And … just the other day …

“Mummy, when are we going home?”

“Soon.  Next week.”



“How long is that?”

“”About ten days.”

“Auww … Ten days??  That’s a long time away.”

Zayan was silent … Then, “Mummy, you were right.”

“I’m right about what?”

“1 month isn’t long.  We’re going home to Daddy soon.”

And … every day since, we have been counting down to the day we’d be leaving on the plane  🙂


This is Zayan, Daddy’s boy …


We’re going home soon


Two days ago, my sister-in-law, Haniza introduced me to a lady who runs a hair salon at home, somewhere in BDC, Kuching.

If I remember correctly, her name is Maggie.

Home-run business means low cost, thus cheaper rates!  Yeay!  With four kids, I could do away with cheaper haircuts 🙂

Haniza told me the lady was shocked at how I could take care of 4 boys on my own …. huhuhu … yeap, till today, whenever I think back  since I left my job to take care of the boys, I still can’t believe it … Bravo to me!! hehehehe …


Haircut day

An afternoon out in the yard


This afternoon we were out in the yard.  The boys had a lot of fun running around.  We took some pictures …

Ooops … he’s got the wrong shoe on the wrong foot

A clear view of the neighbour’s new wet kitchen. They had it built too close to the fencing, which is against the town council’s guideline. Who’s gonna tell? 😛

The attack of the mozzies …

He purposely closed his eyes 😦

A fine place to relax 🙂

Boat-making with Popo


Super heroes assemble!


Zayed had been continuously pestering me to make super hero masks for him and his brothers.  In the end, I couldn’t hold up and had to give in to the request.

Their requests:

I found examples here and here … which I could follow.  I made the templates and started drawing on construction paper and old cereal boxes …  The boys helped with the colouring.

Cool kids watch … it’s easy to make


This afternoon, Zayan was playing with an empty toilet roll.

Suddenly, he said, “Mummy, can you make me a watch?”

“What?  A watch?  Don’t be silly”, I said.

Then, I gave it a second thought.  I took out a pair of scissors and a black marker.  I cut up the roll and scribbled on it …

… and taadaa!  An instant kids watch …